Woman in bude, long line bra

Shapewear Tips

Soon the temperatures will be rising and spring fashion will be right around the corner. You may know how to look your best during those colder months, but what about when the styles change? Here are some easy ways to incorporate shapewear into your spring wardrobe. Note the styles It’s no secret that fashion changes each season. […]

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Infographic-Finding Shapewear for your Shape

How to Dress Your Body Type: Shapewear [Infographic]

If you’re interested in giving shapewear a try, our new infographic has everything you need to know to get your shapewear shopping started.

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Various styles of body briefers adn shapewear

Find the shapewear for you

Here are some tips to help you find the shapewear that is right for you.

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Have you ever tried a corset? They are no longer made of whale bone and incredibly uncomfortable, instead corsets are a helpful option for women looking to slim their waist.

Guide to plus-size shapewear

It can be confusing trying to figure out what option will give you the look you want so we’ve made a guide to help plus-size ladies figure out the shapewear for them.

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Woman in white stretch shirt and jeans

10 closet must-haves for cool, curvy women

Here are 10 wardrobe essentials that every curvy woman should have in her closet. 

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