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Your fashion resolutions for 2021

We all know what it’s like to have high hopes for the new year, only to fall short by February because going to the gym, eating healthy and setting money aside can be a real drag. While those may be three of the most common resolutions, there are a whole lot of fashion-related ones that are more fun to keep! There are so many fashion “rules” out there that prevent us from stepping out of our comfort zones and trying new things, so 2021 should be the year to kick those to the curb. Here are some fashion resolutions to start in the new year:

“Don’t choose price over quality when it comes to important staples.”

Don’t skimp on basics

Saving money while shopping is always something to strive for. However, that doesn’t mean you should always go for the cheapest option. A fun sequined skirt, or a pair of quirky fashion gloves are fine to buy if they catch your eye because they’re marked down, but you don’t want choose price over quality when it comes to important wardrobe staples. A few quality basics you should look for include:

  • Jeans that fit fabulously: A nice pair of dark dress jeans, as well as a casual and a black pair are always important to have on hand.
  • Bras: Bra shopping can be a long, frustrating process when you’re looking for a bra that’s comfortable and flattering. Don’t bra shop more than you need to – purchase high quality lingerie.
  • Heels for work: A well-made pair of heels is infinitely more comfortable than ones you got in a bargain bin. A quality pair of high heel pumps will last years and you’ll be much more confident in them.

Store your clothes properly

If everything you own is shoved into a closet, causing you to scramble around before work to iron or steam the wrinkles out, this resolution is for you. Rather than a one-size-fits-all storage method for all of your clothes, tailor your storage for each garment. For example, hanging your sweaters and other knitwear can damage and stretch them, and your leather boots should always be stored upright to keep the material from creasing. You worked hard to buy your favorite pieces of clothing, so make sure they last by taking proper care of them! Toss all of those old wire hangers while you’re at it, and invest in some sturdier wood ones.

Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone this year.

If you’re fascinated by a new trend but feel like you couldn’t “pull it off,” go for it anyway. All it takes to pull a look off is an air of confidence. If you typically stick with silver jewelry but gold jewelry accessories catches your eye when you’re out shopping, step out of your comfort zone and try it! The same goes for a pair of boots or a jacket that intrigues you. While you shouldn’t stock your closet with fleeting trends, embracing a few of them each year to give your wardrobe a fresh look is always a good idea.

Stop limiting yourself

There are so many fashion rules out there that are based all around a woman’s body type. “Minimize your midsection,” if you’re apple-shaped, “hide your thighs,” if you’re pear-shaped. You’re not a piece of fruit, and you don’t have to stay within a fashion safe-zone. Don’t keep yourself from trying on certain outfits just because it’s considered a faux pas for someone with your body shape to wear it. If you love an outfit, go for it and rock with confidence!

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