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Finding your ideal sleepwear fit

Woman on couch in red slippers, fleece lined leggings and white top


Some of us are messy sleepers. We take an old, oversized t-shirt – bonus points if it’s stained for reasons you don’t remember – and wear it night after night. Others are glam sleepers, draping themselves every evening in a dressing grown reminiscent of vintage Hollywood icons – with the uncomfortable stitching and lace to match.

Don’t you want something in the middle: women’s sleepwear that’s both comfy and beautiful? Big enough to toss and turn around in, but form-fitting enough to show off your curves? Fret no more – here’s how to find your perfect sleepwear fit:

Highlight your figure while sleeping comfortably

“Measuring your body ensures a proper fit when shopping online.”

Loose pajamas let your body move easily while you sleep, allowing for a deeper, more comfortable rest. On the other hand, women’s nightgowns with a closer cut flatter your body and make you feel good. Luckily, you can get the best of both worlds. All you have to do is take your own measurements.

Grab a soft measure tape and record the following lengths:

  • From the tip of one shoulder to the other.
  • From the tip of the shoulder to the wrist.
  • The fullest part of the bust. If you prefer to sleep in a bra, put one on before measuring for a better fit.
  • The narrowest part of the waist.
  • The fullest part of the hips. If you wear undergarments to bed, again, put on a pair before measuring.
  • From the top of the inside of your thigh to the bottom of the anklebone.

Use these measurements and a size chart to ensure a proper fit when shopping online or from a catalog. Never go below your actual measurements; if necessary, head a size or two up and have your clothes tailored.

Choose fabrics that feel good

Aside from fit, fabric is the most important part of choosing comfortable sleepwear. Pick something that feels nice against your skin, whether that’s flannel, jersey knit or satin. A fiber or texture that you don’t like is distracting and compromises your ability to sleep well. Here’s a brief rundown on the benefits and drawbacks of common women’s sleepwear fabrics:

  • Cotton is great for air circulation, but it’s not the best at temperature regulation. It doesn’t insulate well, meaning you’ll need to bundle up with blankets on a cold night, but it also doesn’t wick moisture, so you’re left soaked in sweat if you get too warm. That said, the fabric itself is incredibly comfortable, which is most important.
  • Silk is luxurious and great for keeping your body hot or cool depending on the situation. Unfortunately, it’s also costly and care-intensive.
  • Satin gives you that same feeling for a much cheaper price, but it’s made from synthetic fibers that some people find uncomfortable.
  • Moisture-wicking fabric is great if you tend to get warm at night, but it’s also made from synthetic fibers that may irritate your skin.

Ultimately, all that matters is you find sleepwear that works for you.

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Dawn Babineaux

when you look for a size chart this is what you want size s is 4-6 m 6-8 L10-12 that type of thing

Patty Jarvis

I want to shop! Not read your blogs, your options on how to, or what not to, and other useless crap! Your catalog should be available on-line! Not part of it, but all of it! Sans the over indulgent frustrated writers syndrome nonsense!

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Published on Oct 16 2017

Last Updated on Oct 04 2018

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