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What to pack for your next vacation

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If you’re traveling somewhere yet this summer, we’ve got a packing list for you!

Check out our tips for packing for your next vacation.

The perfect bathing suit

Whatever the cut, bikini or otherwise, be sure that there are adjustable straps on your bathing suit. Even the seemingly perfect suit can be totally uncomfortable and unflattering if it doesn’t properly adjust to fit your body. If you’re planning on spending some serious beach time, bring two suits. You’ll have one to wear if the other is wet, and you can vary your tan lines. If you’re small-busted look for a vintage-style bikini with a high waist to enhance your bust. For pear-shaped figures look for a suit that enhances your small waist, like a tankini. You can always add a fun cover up if you’re not comfortable in just your suit.


Whether you’re going skiing in the mountains or heading to the beach in Puerto Rico, eye protection is important. Pack a pair of sunglasses that suits your face shape. Think round or oval lenses for a square-shaped face, oversized frames for an oblong face, and aviators for a heart-shaped face. Be sure your shades have UV protection to shield your eyes from the sun. If you are headed to a snowy place, also bring goggles to help you see while speeding down the mountain or making your way to the top on a chair lift.


Wherever you go, you’ll be glad you brought flats. We mean it. If you spend the night dancing in heels, you’ll love slipping into a pair of flats the next day, or even later that night. Bring heels if you plan on attending a fancy dinner or event. Beach-goers should bring a pair of sandals for walking to and from the water. Skiers and snow boarders need snow boots for the slopes and footwear for off-mountain adventures, like tennis shoes or a pair of casual boots.

A dress

Whether you’re going from country to country across Europe or you’re on an ocean cruise with your family, a dress is appropriate for many occasions. You may need one to dine in a nice restaurant or maybe to stroll on the beach arm-in-arm with your significant other. Pack a dress that is wrinkle-resistant and doesn’t need an iron, like those made of knits or a cotton/lycra blend.

A light jacket

Those vacationing in warmer climates may think they won’t need a jacket. But what about on the chilly plane ride? Plus, there may be an ocean breeze that requires a light jacket when you’re off on your tropical adventure. We recommend a light denim or cotton jacket, no matter where you’re going. It’s dressier than a sweatshirt and can be worn to more places, like a restaurant or show, without taking away from your outfit.

A scarf

We’re not talking a bulky, knit scarf (unless you’re headed somewhere cold). A light weight, silky scarf is super handy for travel because it can be used in many ways. Toss one in your purse in case the plane ride is cold. You can tie one around your hair if you don’t want to take the time to style it. Scarves are also great as sarongs or to drape around your shoulders as the temperature drops once the sun goes down.

Tell us about a summer vacation you took or are planning to take in the comments below!

Don't leave the house without these beach bag essentials.
Don’t leave for vacation without these essentials.

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Published on Jul 19 2015

Last Updated on Jul 21 2016

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