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Define Your Waist [Lookbook]

Simply put, an hourglass body shape looks symmetrical—and is considered by many to be an ideal proportional figure.

Don’t worry: no matter what shape your silhouette has, there are many ways to create that hourglass appeal . . . and ways to focus on creating a pleasing symmetry, which will streamline your overall look. 

From narrowing the waist with fabric construction, print design or a belt to adding emphasis or volume in other key areas,  you’ll find figure-flattering solutions that highlight your best features for top curve appeal. 

No Gap Waistbands

Hourglass Shape


Wide Waistband

Styling Belts

Pulled Together

Wear Empire Waist Dresses

Hourglass Effect

Empire Waist Trick

Share with us a tip you plan to try in the comments below!

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