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Secret Strategies: Color Focus [Lookbook]

Spice up any outfit with COLOR! Helping you look great and feel confident, while also staying on trend with the season is easy by adding colors into your ensembles. Check out our lookbook below to get style tips!

New Hues

A new hue! Before dismissing a bold color altogether, try a spot here and there for highlight and personality. Or opt for dynamic print as your ally to command attention.

Put the Colorwheel to Work for You

To pair colors well, put the color wheel to work for you. Stay with variations of one color for a sophisticated, balanced look. Choose neighboring colors in one direction or another for a broader range of rich style. And select colors opposite from each other on the wheel to create the most dramatic take-notice effects.

Commanding Cobalt

For centuries, radiant glassware and pottery have used cobalt’s vivid hue to enhance their beauty. This classic, rich shade lends a modern crispness to pairings with white, elegance with glittering sequins and standout pizazz in shoes, handbags, and accessories. Add new voltage to your fall wardrobe with this can’t-fail classic color.

Kick Up the Color!

Vivid footwear colors can make a statement against natural apparel or complement accessories (2-3 max.) like a necklace or handbag.

Keep color intensity similar throughout, consider skin tone, and remember the brighter colors call more attention to footwear shape and details.

Timeless White

Timeless white is one of the “purest” ways to add versatility to any look. It can be dressed up or down, pair with most anything, it can help other colors to “pop” more and any variation of the classic button-down showcases your sense of style.

Downshift to Neutral

Forget the myths about neutrals being too plain or boring. This summer, you can combine those colors to play a soft, flowing style that allows you to show off your personality. Neutrals are classy, refined, and make your wardrobe extremely versatile. Plus, they’ll never go out of style, so you can wear them over and over again.

Slimming Colorfully

Fear not: black isn’t your only “slimming” choice. Rich shades such as deep greens, purples, browns, and navy also let you present a leaner look. 

“Wow-Pow” of Color

A “wow-pow” color in your wardrobe does wonders if it’s an item designed and cut to flatter. The appealing contours are noticed even more thanks to the color, and together they make a statement piece to pair with lots of looks.

Bands of Print

Enchant and delight the eye with gorgeous color and brilliant bands of prints. When they run this way and that, they can hide figure flaws or enhance smaller curves. When the eye is finally done roving, all that’s left is your stunning appearance.

Add Pops of Color

When adding pops of color to your look, first decide on a color scheme. It’s a good idea to choose just one or two hues so that they can really stand out and make a statement. Go for colors that coordinate with each with each other by choosing ones with the same vibrancy or in the same color family.

For even more tips and ideas on how to incorporate color check out this article: Elevate Your Look with Pops of Color.

Share with us a color tip you plan to try in the comments below!

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