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Clean out your closet

Closet full of clothes
Start 2017 with a clean closet.

With the new year upon us, why not start it off with a clean, spiffy home? This includes your closet, of course. Many women find themselves struggling to fit any new items in their already-overflowing closet, while simultaneously trying to decide what to wear in the morning because they feel like they have nothing that speaks to them. With the proper closet organization, however, you can start the new year right with plenty of space for all of the great purchases you making this year. Here are some tips for overhauling your closet:

Try things on

Separate your closet’s contents into different piles: things you know you love and wear regularly, and everything else. Everything that falls into that other pile needs to be tried on before you make any more progress. If the piece doesn’t fit, get rid of it. Don’t think, “this will fit again one day,” if it’s too small, or “I might be this size again” if it’s too big. If either of those situations arise, you can purchase more clothes. In the meantime, save precious closet space for the things that fit now and the fabulous embellished sweaters and full skirts you’ll be purchasing in 2017. Yes, this might be a tedious process, but it’ll be worth it when you have a clean closet!

Is this a staple?

There are plenty of pieces of clothing that all women – especially professional women – need. While your closet is certainly going to be loaded with stylish, trendy pieces, be sure that your staples are in good condition. If they aren’t, toss them and get a new set. A few of these must-haves include comfortable, slimming jeans, solid color skirts, flattering blouses, and dress pants. Consider the outfits that you wear most frequently as well. If these pieces have seen better days you may want to replace them too.


Will I ever wear this again?

This is an especially important question to ask when it comes to formal wear and other outfits that are typically only worn once in a while. If both of your children are married, you’ll never wear that mother of the bride dress again. You may have a dress that looked absolutely fabulous on you in the ’90s, but now it just looks dated. This should be tossed as well. There are many places to donate formal wear, since these types of outfits are typically very expensive, making it tough for women in need to be able to afford them.

Do I feel confident in this?

Take a last look at your remaining clothes before you put them back in the closet. Does this piece of clothing make you feel good when you wear it? Do you feel like you turn heads when you walk into a room wearing it? Or do you find yourself constantly adjusting the neckline or the hem? If you don’t feel like your best self in an outfit, there’s no need for it to take extra space up in your closet. Who knows, if you donate this piece of clothing, it may become that “it” outfit for another woman!

Consider storage

Ideally, after a closet cleaning, you’ll be able to donate enough stuff to ensure everything you keep can fit in your closet. However, that might not always be possible. If this is the case, consider clearing off-season items out of the closet and housing it in a box or bin under your bed. This will make your closet easier to manage. Then, in the summer, switch which items are in the bin and which are in the closet.

“Dress for Success provides women with clothes and career advice.”

What to do with the things you get rid of

If the clothes you no longer want are still in good shape they should be loved by another woman! While you can always bring these pieces to your local thrift store or sell them to a secondhand shop, there are also plenty of organizations that would be happy to take them off your hands and ensure someone else gets to enjoy them.

For example, Dress for Success is a nonprofit organization that provides women with interview suits and career development advice. It’s a great place for you to bring your long skirt suits that you no longer have a need for or that lucky one-button blazer that got you your last job. Dress for Success’ mission is to empower women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional attire and the development tools to help women in work and in life.

Dress for Success Logo

Monroe and Main has donated thousands of items to this organization through their local centers in Racine, Wisconsin and Chicago, Illinois helping women in these areas become self-sufficient and successful though making good impressions at interviews. Both Dress For Success and Monroe and Main strive to provide women with the confidence and tools to create their own style.

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These are such excellent tips. Thanks M&M!

Beth Greene

You’ve put together a very nice collection. Love this kind of styling & I think is where it’s at. They have a great selection of merchandise and accessories. The staff is super friendly and they are always doing something for the community.

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Published on Jan 22 2017

Last Updated on Jan 23 2017

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