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woman wearing a black & abstract yellow belted tunic and gray trousers

Creating body curves on a rectangle body type

A rectangle body shape is characterized by uniformity. Essentially, your bust, waistline, hips, and shoulders, both in appearance and measurement, are about the same size. Without much definition, many women with this body type aim to create more curves among their straight angles. It’s easy to dress your body type with the right fashion tips. Plus, many clothes are created for the rectangular shape since most models have this same lean, long figure. Learn how you can create body curves on a rectangle body type.

Define your waist, create body curves

One of the most profound traits of the curvy, hourglass shape is a naturally defined waist. Women with rectangle body shapes can have this too, it just needs to be created with your clothes. To define your waist and increase your body curves, find creative ways to wear a belt just above your hips. This fashion accessory creates the illusion of dimension because the belt will cinch in your waist, leaving the rest of your shirt to flow away from the body, as if you had a natural hourglass figure. The belt draws attention to the defined waist and gives the illusion of enhanced curves. Enhance the effects of the belt by selecting one in a bold fall color, such as aubergine or red.

You can take your efforts even further with figure-shaping underwear to further define your waist beyond what is possible with a belt alone. Perhaps not desired for everyday fashion, but it’s a valuable tool in your toolbelt for those important events.

woman wearing a top with a belt

Create dimensions with color

Break up your straight up-and-down shape by creating dimension with blocks of color or prints. Color contrast is the key tool for this strategy. For example, you may want to wear a black top to create stark variation with a pair of white pants. Or, you can combine this color-contrasting method with print. Opt for a neutral beige or cream blouse, and wear a bold-patterned pair of pants on the bottom.

Take this strategy a step further by mixing prints. Though pairing patterns will be effective at creating dimension, it can be a real wardrobe challenge for some women. Unfortunately, it’s easy to make an ensemble look cluttered this way. When combining different prints, think about the size of the shapes. For example, if you opt for bottoms with an all-over, blended print, pair it with a large print on top, such as wide stripes.

Woman wearing contrasting colors

Wear flowing pieces

Curves within the clothes themselves will help soften the angles of your rectangle body shape. Search for pieces with flowing fabrics such as lightweight cotton, chiffon, and organza. Draping blouses and tops with uneven hemlines also deliver that curvy look to instantly create dimension in your outfit without defining your shoulders and hips.

woman wearing a flowy printed top

Jeans for rectangle body shape

There is no universal rule on jean styles for rectangle body shapes. Lean rectangle shapes are best going with low-rise skinny jeans. Plus size and longer-torso rectangle figures are better with high-waisted styles are the en vogue today.

Pockets matters. For rectangle figures, pockets are a must as they accentuate your booty. The smaller the pocket and the higher the placement, the more lifted and toned your butt will look.

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I am a wardrobe consultant as well as beauty and it seems that you have nice working and casual attire

how do i buy that first blouse shown

Hi Gloristine, Thanks for your interest in our blog and fashions. Here’s a link to purchase our Abstract Inset Tunic: Let us know if you need anything else! 🙂 Thanks again.

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