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The perfect dress for the full-figured body type

Convertible Diva Dress

All too often, plus-size clothing for women is associated with baggy and frumpy—or being a plus-size woman may be seen as negative.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Size is relative, and one simple design principle will remove those issues every time: balance.

When the figure is well-balanced and a contoured shape is emphasized—regardless of a woman’s size—correct proportion is pleasing to the eye.

This valuable tip is the key to creating a well-planned shopping experience and building your most figure-flattering wardrobe. A great place to start is with forgiving dresses.

Convertible Diva Dress

Chic, stylish and on trend, a forgiving dress flatters full-figured women because the fabric softly flows away from the body, balancing your silhouette.

Plus, a dark shade, such as black – a well-known slimming color – hides any imperfections. Even better, it can be worn by women of any body type.

Body Shape: First Step to Fabulous Fashion Choices

If you’re not sure how to identify your shape, the answer is right here in simple, easy steps. First, use this helpful guide to take your measurements. Then follow the link below the guide to learn which of the five basic body shapes is yours.

With that information in hand, you’ll be able to choose the clothes and looks that show you at your best. Plus, you’ll also understand how to choose accessories to enhance your best features.

A great place to start is with the Convertible Diva Dress. Incredible versatility in styling options makes this a must-have for any woman. The fabric skims over curves to present an evenly-contoured figure, no matter the size. Plus, the black color is slimming and hides any major concerns.

With the Convertible Diva Dress, you’ll love how easy it is to create many unique looks, from respectable office wear to a riveting cocktail dress. That’s for starters.

By knowing some Fundamental Style Tips for Plus-size Women, you’ll find plenty more simple ideas to make the most of your best assets, and draw attention away from areas of concern.

Don’t forget about a wide range of accessories! These quick tips will give you insights to choosing all the extra touches that enhance your balanced look and also help to slim your silhouette:

Accessories to Enhance Full-figure Fashions

Jewelry: the Subtle Way to Contour Your Look

Select accessories proportionate to your body size, such as an oversized necklace for a large bust. If you’re worried about too much attention on the upper half of your body, choose subtle jewelry colors like gold or silver.

Jewelry doesn’t have to simply blend in. The right choices can actually make you look leaner. When selecting earrings, opt for long, dangling pieces. The straight line down your ear will make your neck look longer.

Faux-Pearl Multistrand Necklace/Earring Set

Fashion Help from Handbags

Though handbags should be proportionate with your body, full-figured women needn’t look frumpy with an overly large purse.

Yes, you can choose an oversized bag that fits your style, but stick to fashion purses and hobo bags rather than beach bags. An elegant handbag choice will enhance the sophistication of your chosen look.

Lulu Satchel

Figure-Finessing with Shoes

The perfect dress goes perfectly with a striking pair of heels, and height can make you look instantly leaner. Real Simple suggests women with curvier calves or ankles go for open-toe or sling back style footwear. The openness of the shoe will help create a longer visual leg line.

However, heels aren’t always doable for every woman, so pointed-toe flats can work for your style, too. The sharp shape will create a narrow line from your leg to your toes, making you look lean and tall, even without the height.

Cutout Slingback by Classique

Rock the Legwear Layer

Black tights are a great option for women who aren’t ready to bare their legs for summer. Many dresses look great with a slimming pair of legwear, and the extra layer can easily transition you into the cooler seasons.


A flattering fit and a slimming color such as black will make your body look long and lean. You can also look extra slender with the help of shapewear.

Comfortable and undetectable, shapewear will hold you in and can be worn right under a dress. Many options provide a full-body toning appearance without peeking out from under the dress of your choice.

Ready for a go-to look that you can rely on across the seasons? Make sure you have the Convertible Diva Dress in your closet. No wardrobe is complete without your own favorite little black dress, and this is sure to be one of your favorites. 

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  1. Would love to order the black dress,but can’t find the shopping part of your site

    1. Hi Sabrina, here is a link to our Slimming Sassy Dress:! 🙂 Hope you still are able to place an order. Enjoy!

  2. It is too low necked.

    1. Totally agree the neckline is ridiculously low. Can we please have some modest, work-appropriate clothing???

  3. What about us older ladies.

  4. The convertible diva dress (MC719050) is exactly what I would like to keep on hand when traveling. I visited the monroe and main website, but noticed they sold out of all sizes except misses medium. Will more sizes be available soon?

  5. You’re talking about “plus size” but yet you show the dress on a slim built woman…..its hypocrisy

  6. I am shopping for my wife. Bianca is 6 ft tall and wears a size 26?? dress. I want her to be stylish and be the “belle of the ball”. What direction could you point me in?? She works as an executive assistant to a VP at a community college, so I would need something appropriate

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