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Pairing blue and black

Woman in black and blue 2-piece skirt suit and blue shoes

All too often, ladies are letting fashion myths rule their closet, putting them in a style rut with limited options. From the no-white-after-Labor-Day guideline to legging shaming, the style misconceptions are endless, but there’s one in particular that’s depriving women of a fashion-forward look this season: the falsehood that you can’t pair blue and black. Admittedly, placing too similar of tones together has been known to cause color conflict in the art of design, and black and navy are comparable shades. However, with the right fashion tips, ladies can easily work black and blue into their wardrobes – together at last. Discover how you can pull off wearing both black and blue:

woman wearing black, white, & blue sweater

Wear black and blue in a single garment

Wearing prints is an easy way for color-shy ladies to add a splash of vibrancy to their wardrobe, and it’s also a great method for pairing black and navy. Apply this strategy by wearing a black and blue sheath dress. Not only does wearing a dress with these two shades make it easy to incorporate the colors into your style, but sheath dresses are a timeless fashion piece. This is especially true for sheath dresses with a panel print. The structured fit of the dress hugs your curves without being too revealing, and the panel in front uses vertical lines to enhance your lean, long shape. Plus, the width of the panel changes with the sizes of the dress. So, whether you wear petite or plus size clothing, the front panel will be proportional to your shape.

To wear a sheath dress in the fall, you just need to create more coverage. Opt for short sleeves that shield your shoulders from the chilly weather, and add tights for an extra layer on the legs. You can make this option even more appropriate for autumn by selecting a blue and black sheath dress with an additional seasonal color, such as red.

woman wearing a blue-black suit.

Incorporate clothing accessories

Whether you pick a black-or blue-focused ensemble, you can easily add its counterpart with fashion accessories. If you’re sporting a little black dress, opt for navy blue jewelry. For a navy blouse, on the other hand, dress it up with black pumps or a scarf.

You can also use accessories to enhance your shape. When pairing your LBD with blue jewelry, select a long, dangling pendant for the necklace. The vertical lines will draw eyes up and down, giving you a taller, leaner shape. If your blue blouse has a higher neckline, segmenting your shape, you can apply the same vertical-line strategy to your top half by putting on black dangling earrings or a long draping scarf.

a two-toned blue & black kitten heel shoe

Wear lots of layers

Better distinguish between the two dark shades with layers. For example, wear a flowing navy tunic over black leggings, or pair your billowing black blouse with a chic pair of navy stretch jeans. The extra dimension of the overlap will further differentiate the two pieces.

woman wearing a dotted black & blue blouse

Branch out with blues

If you still feel that black and navy are too similar, you can create more variety with hues of blue. Achieve a vibrant style with a lighter tone. For the fall, opt for a cobalt blue for a brighter look. Cobalt is one of the must-have shades of the season, and it’s got a lot of personality. Incorporate this shade as you would with any of the tips listed above.

woman wearing a blue scarf with a black top

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Published on Sep 14 2015

Last Updated on Oct 04 2018

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