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Fashion trends: 5 activewear staples to wear around town

Woman in gray and multi-color stripe zip-up hoodie and black pants

Women have loved wearing comfortable activewear outside of their workouts for a long time, and the fashion world is finally catching up.

Designers are beginning to create sweatpants and other activewear staples made for wearing outside of the gym, whether it’s to work or while running errands on the weekend. This is great news for women everywhere: What’s better than being comfortable and stylish at the same time? If you’re interested in getting on board with this trend, make sure you have these five women’s activewear basics:

1. Relaxed workout pants
A yoga-style workout pant is one of the best ways to pull off the stylish activewear trend. They have a very flattering shape that skims the upper leg while flaring out at the bottom, which looks good on multiple body shapes. If you already have this basic style of workout pants, try experimenting with other options, like pants that are capri-length or have a skinny cut that hugs the leg all the way to the ankle.

Check out these 5 activewear staples every woman should own.

2. A hooded pullover
All women should have one nice hooded pullover to layer over a T-shirt and workout pants. These are a stylish and practical way to stay warm around the house or outside, and they can also be worn with other outfits. Try wearing one with jeans and boots to look comfortable and put-together.

3. A hooded zip-up jacket
Zip-up hooded jackets are a great way to pull off the activewear trend, and they’re good for adding some flair to a monochromatic outfit. Try finding one in a bright color or with some pretty stitching detail to draw the eye and make the outfit pop.

Zip-up hooded jackets are a great way to pull off the activewear trend

4. A fitted T-shirt
Every woman should have a few basic T-shirts on hand to throw on for a casual weekend look – and not the over-sized T-shirts you wear for cleaning the house. When shopping for T-shirts to wear with your activewear, it’s important to find ones in a quality fabric that fit close to the body. Shirts made of a cotton and spandex blend will help smooth out any bumps and enhance the great shape you have. You may also want to have a few tank tops on hand in the same material. These can be layered under your T-shirts or hooded jackets, or simply worn on their own when the weather is nice.

5. Fashion sneakers
Sneakers are the obvious must-have activewear item. They’re one of the most comfortable shoe options if you’re going to be on your feet running errands for awhile, but they’re also one of the most practical. The arch support and quality of the sole will keep feet, legs and joints from becoming pained and uncomfortable. Pick up a pair of colorful tennis shoes that you’ll feel great running errands in.

Sneakers are the obvious must-have activewear item.

The nice thing about this trend is that women are wearing outfits that consist of only activewear, but many are also pairing workout pants with more formal tops and shoes as well. Try wearing fitted workout pants with a cozy sweater or pretty blouse and a pair of embellished flats for a more versatile casual look.

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Published on Dec 30 2014

Last Updated on Dec 29 2014

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