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Get to know your bags

There is so much more to bags and purses than meets the eye. Chances are, a single bag for all occasions just isn’t practical, causing women to own a variety of different purses. According to Glamour, the average woman owns about seven different handbags, but may not even realize what each of those bags are most useful for. Here’s the best bag for each use – and which ones you should invest in!

A leather work bag

If you find yourself lugging files, a laptop, your lunch bag and more to and from work every day, it’s about time you invest in a high quality leather tote or messenger bag that’s big enough to hold all of your work essentials. Work bags tend to be worth a splurge, since you get so much use out of them. Just be sure to go for a timeless look in a dark color like brown, black or navy. You don’t want anything super trendy since you’ll hope to get at least a couple of years of use out of it!


A versatile clutch

Whether you’re going out for a night on the town or casually strolling the weekend farmer’s market, your probably don’t want to lug a big purse with you. This is where the clutch comes into play. When choosing the perfect clutch for you, consider what you want to be able to store in it. If all you need to carry is your ID, credit card, and some cash, a small flat clutch with ID slots is probably your best best. However, if you’re interested in being able to fit you phone or makeup in your clutch, opt for a larger one. It’s always handy to have a wrist strap, too!

Make sure your purse can hold all of your necessities.

A cross body purse

A cross body purse features long straps that cut across your chest. This makes for a versatile bag that doesn’t get in the way when you’re going about your daily business. Since large purses hanging down by your hip may get bulky, the most versatile cross body style is usually smaller. However, many women prefer to carry a larger purse so their storage space isn’t limited. If you prefer a larger cross body bag, opt for a flat style so it doesn’t get in your way.


A shoulder bag

A shoulder bag usually has a short strap that can either be worn over your shoulder or in the crook of your arm. Since the strap isn’t as long, shoulder bags can be larger than your cross body ones without being uncomfortable. A few popular styles of shoulder bags are hobo-style purses or bucket bags. Since this will likely be your most-used purse, because of its casual versatility, it’s important to opt for a color that goes with just about everything you wear.

“Go ahead and buy a less practical bag that you love.”

Something fun

Whether it’s a wild pattern, a funky shape, or something that’s too small to use on a regular basis, it’s totally fine to invest in a less practical bag just because you love it. Sure, you may not carry your sequined purse to the office, but you’ll get your use out of it when you go out on Saturday nights. Just make sure you have the appropriate practical bags in your collection before you begin stocking up on fun kitschy ones.

Classic handbag gets a wild makeover! It's a colorful striped bag with crocodile texture for the true fashionista. Goldtone grommets and details with zip closure. PVC shell. Three inside pockets. Lined. Imported. 21" l x 5" w x 12" h.

A weekender bag

Whether you travel for business on a regular basis or go on the occasional long weekend, you probably don’t want to dig out your luggage for a short trip when you only need a couple of days’ worth of clothes. A good alternative is a large weekender bag. There are a variety of bags big enough to fulfill this need without being too bulky. A high quality duffel – not that free one you got when you signed up for a gym membership – is probably the most versatile option, but if you prefer to carry heavier loads on your back, a backpack is also a good choice.

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