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Menswear-inspired clothing: How you can rock this trend


When it comes to personal fashion, you want to be daring and bold. This is easier said than done, however, especially when you’re attempting to turn runway styles into everyday looks. For years, the menswear trend has refused to fade into the distance. Androgynous items add an extra bit of flair to an outfit, but it’s common to second guess these choices on the first, second and even third try.

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Be bold and use these tips to make menswear your own:

Channel style icons

When you think of menswear, who comes to mind? For us, there are a few icons you can use to make this style less intimidating. Think Katherine Hepburn wearing pants in 1943’s The Philadelphia Story before it was socially acceptable to do so or Diane Keaton in Annie Hall. Both of these actresses continued to utilize the menswear trend in their fashion off-screen, and you can take a page out of their book! Recreate one of their looks by adding menswear pieces one by one. Go with what feels good at first. Your ability to step out of your comfort zone in this type of style will come with time. Before you know it, you’ll be rocking a full suit and tie.

“For the weekend, add a pair of boyfriend jeans to your wardrobe.”

Try out introductory accessories

If you’re a little shy about going full menswear on your first try, there’s a simple way to ease your way in: accessories. Try a pair of women’s oxfords, affix a feminine collar to one of your favorite button-up blouses or carry an oversized clutch. For the weekend, add a pair of boyfriend jeans to your wardrobe and don’t forget a watch with a leather wristband or with a large face. These pieces are uncomplicated items that will take your outfit up a notch.

Oxford Shoes

Pay attention to fit

Menswear requires attention to detail. Without a keen eye, pieces can look out of place and haphazardly thrown on. One of the best ways to avoid snafus in this department is to concentrate on fit. If you’re going for a more relaxed outfit, slightly oversized items can work well. If you want a style that is smart and put together, however, a little bit of tailoring can go a long way.

You don’t have to have menswear pieces custom-made, but finding articles of clothing that you like and that fit your body will work wonders in increasing your confidence, according to Refinery29. Don’t be afraid to have the back of that men’s blazer taken in or to have your pants hemmed to meet the bottom of your slingback heels.

Plaid Trousers

Look for whimsical details

Every woman’s preferred version of menswear is different. While some may go for the full suit look, others may prefer to incorporate a piece here or there to rough up an otherwise feminine outfit. No matter what their inclinations with this trend may be, whimsical details add a ladylike sensibility to a menswear wardrobe. A blazer jacket with a ruffled back, a women’s blouse with a tie neck or a coat in a funky pattern are unexpected and incorporate a flair of attitude and style.

Menswear doesn’t have to be intimidating. Using these tips and tricks, you can make this trend your own – no matter what the occasion.

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