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On-trend colors of the season

Soon the weather will be getting warmer, and you’ll be able to walk outside without massive coats and cozy hats and gloves. However, it’s not only the temperatures that will be changing. With each new season comes different shades and colors that are trendy. Although color never really goes out of style, here is the lowdown on the trendy colors for this upcoming spring:

Go bold

In spring, it’s all about bold shades. Out with the black and navy suits for women that you’ve been sporting all winter. It’s time to take some fashion chances – you’re sure to be rewarded. For instance, a color that is going to be big this spring is salmon. Now, some women find themselves struggling with how to wear this shade, but it’s rather simple: Start small.

For some ladies, a full-colored salmon dress might be a little too much when spring is just picking up. So instead, try a smaller staple piece, like a vibrant blazer or a pair of colored jeans. That way, you can still incorporate some more muted shades with these pieces to create an outfit that pops but isn’t too overwhelming.

lola colored slim jean
Lola Colored Slim Jean from Monroe and Main

Try prints

A great way to incorporate color into your wardrobe without it being too much is to experiment with prints. That way, you can still rock a beautiful hue but won’t feel too overdone. For example, a watercolor dress could incorporate several in-season colors like orange, salmon and teal, along with classic colors like navy blue, white and gold. The overall effect? A subtly vibrant dress that includes many flattering colors.

Women's Scarf Print Tank
Scarf Print Tank from Monroe and Main

Put it on your feet

For women who struggle with new shades, there’s a very easy way to dip your toes: try shoes! A bold pair of heels or flats can complete any outfit. With this, you can still wear the colors you’re comfortable wearing, but you can also include some popular seasonal colors.

Stay in the green neighborhood

For spring, it’s all about the warm green shades, from chartreuse to olive to emerald. What’s the best way to find your perfect hue of green? Trial and error. Browse some of our suits, skirts, tops and dresses to find something that catches your eye.

Note: When it comes to trying on a new color, be sure that the fit of the garment is right. Sometimes the style of a dress will deter someone from wearing the color when it’s the shape, not the shade.

women's green with envy top
Green with Envy Top from Monroe and Main

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