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The ultimate spring floral guide

It was Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wears Prada who sarcastically said, “Florals for spring? Groundbreaking.” There’s some truth to the statement. No matter what store you look at during spring, you’re going to find a multitude of flower-adorned patterns and prints. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t innovative ways to wear floral. Here is your 2016 floral-wearing guide.

Flower-power footwear

Winter is over. Now is the time to throw out your ice-covered, black dress shoes. Instead, incorporate some floral print footwear into your wardrobe. Bright, blossomed patterns look great on your feet, and they’re a great way to dip your toes into the spring pool.

However, this is the year to try something new. While a pair of women’s heels can look great with adorning blooms, there’s a new shoe type that is taking over: athletic shoes. Lately, gym shoes are used less for working out, and more for working it out.These shoes are a great addition to any woman’s closet. They can add some texture to a monochromatic outfit or they can class up an otherwise casual getup.

Liv Floral Slingback Shoe by Monroe and Main
Liv Floral Slingback Shoe by Monroe and Main

Head first

Never underestimate the power of unique hair accessories. Put away your old headbands that you’ve been wearing for years, and try something a little more creative. Wrap a floral silk headband around your hair to draw attention with a colorful and fun pattern. It’s a great way to throw a flirty pattern into your outfit without overdoing it.

Note: Silk scarves can double as hair accessories. There are plenty of ways to rock this. Here are a couple:

  • Style your hair into a ponytail, and wrap the scarf around your hair tie like a bow.
  • Braid the scarf into your hair so it looks like a zigzag.
  • Fold it into a triangle, and wear it like a bandanna.
  • Fold your scarf into a long rectangle. Tie it behind your head, under your hair, like a traditional headband.

Nail it

Looking to change up your manicure regimen? Do so by adding a little floral decor to your nails. Have the nail salon draw a beautiful flower on one fingernail (your best bet is your thumb because it’s the largest). Or, head to your local drugstore to pick out press-on nails. These look like nail polish, but don’t chip as easily, so you can enjoy your delicate patterned nails much longer.

Daring denim

Now that the weather is improving, you can start bringing jeans back into your everyday style (without your legs freezing). You may have rocked colored denim before, but what about patterned denim? Well, now is the chance to start, and with floral-printed jeans. These bottoms paired with a simple top make for a look that’s fashionable and trendy. Use these bottoms as your base, and then plan your outfit around them. The last thing you want to do is clash. Take a color in your pattern that isn’t too bright, like gray, black or navy blue, and use that as the color for your shirt and shoes. That way, your getup will look put together, not overdone.

Argentina Embroidered Jean
Argentina Embroidered Jean

Keep it classic

When it comes to floral for spring, don’t underestimate the power of a dress. The trick is finding your perfect floral color combination. Dreamy, muted tones like pastels are a great way to still rock florals without drawing too much attention. On the other hand, it’s all about your fabric choices. A material that is light like silk will look breezy, relaxed and elegant – which is ideal for spring weather.

Tigress Lily Dress
Tigress Lily Dress

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I’ve been watching the different styles and types, and have noticed that the products and tips in on the Monroe and Main website and catalogs are very inspirational at times. Although, I prefer to keep my life simple and with simplicity comes boredom and drabness. The reason I keep a close eye on the fashions in Monroe and Main are so that, one of these days when I get a wild hair and decide to cut loose; I’ll know exactly what goes well with what. Since my husband passed away in 2014; I’ve changed my look MORE than once or twice and who knows maybe there’ll be a few MORE times IT will change. I’m pleased to be a customer of MONROE AND MAIN! I’m not made of money, so the credit program is THE BEST way for me to obtain new wardrobe and fashion sense.!!.?.!!. LoL

Great to hear from you LeAnne. Thanks for being a customer!

Do you have a monthy email? This is a great site, but no sign-up.

Hi Katie,
We do have an email list – Here’s a link to sign up! We offer more content as well as special discounts and offers for our email subscribers.

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