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Womenswear inspired by menswear

Look out, men. Women are taking a couple pages from your stylebook and redefining society’s strict clothing binaries.

As you may have noticed on the runway, in clothing catalogs or on the streets, menswear for ladies is in. Here are some ways you can incorporate clothing inspired by menswear into your wardrobe.

A classic blazer

The blazer isn’t a new introduction to women’s style, but the latest take on it is. What it comes down to is the style and patterns that you choose. A black blazer could easily embody the uniform for women in the workplace. However, a navy blue blazer with white trim on the collar represents another look – one more closely related to menswear. Don’t be afraid to take chances with patterns, either. A tweed jacket or blazer is a staple in your closet that adds a masculine touch.

When it comes to blazers, the fit is everything. An oversized blazer might have more of a men’s feel to it, but you can buy one that’s fitted, too. Choose what you feel most comfortable in.

woman wearing a Boyfriend Blazer

Collars galore

Collars buttoned all the way to one’s chin used to be something you’d normally only see in men’s dress shirts or plaid flannels. However, lately the trends for women have been mimicking this style. From blouses to dresses, women everywhere are buttoning up. You could even layer a collared shirt with an oversized sweater for those colder months. This looks crisp and refined and works for plenty of occasions that your schedule calls for.

A fun way to add a feminine touch to menswear is to add a little bling. Something that sparkles like a necklace or pair of drop earrings could be just what you need to complete your look.

A new kind of flat

Your shoe collection may be stocked with black patent flats to throw on whenever. However, women’s flats that look like men’s dress shoes (think Oxfords and loafers) are taking the fashion world by storm. The emphasis is in the detail. Color combinations like brown and navy give off that vintage feel. There are plenty of variations to this shoe as far as colors and details go. Find a pair that will allow you to take your footwear to the next level.

menswear flats

Fifty shades of beige

One of the biggest trends in today’s fashion world is the oversized coat for winter. You might have seen pictures of celebrities like Kim Kardashian sporting this jacket, especially in the color camel. This look got turned up recently with plenty of variations of the color, from toffee to khaki to ochre. No matter the color you choose, this look is chic and will keep you warm while you rock it through the colder months of the year.

The best part? A solid-colored jacket allows for plenty of bold winter accessories from hats to scarves to gloves. If you want to keep the menswear theme going, opt for a soft, plaid scarf in deep shades of red and blue. If you want to perk up your outerwear with femininity, spring for something a little brighter like red earmuffs or electric blue gloves.

woman wearing an oversized collar

Pixie cuts

Don’t think that menswear both starts and stops with your ensemble. If you’re looking for a change in your look, contemplate chopping off those locks into an iconic pixie cut. This look has been around for decades from Twiggy in the 1960s all the way to modern stars like Emma Watson and Carey Mulligan. Who knows, reaching for the scissors could be just the change you’ve been yearning for all this time.

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