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3 ways to dress 10 pounds thinner

Woman in white crochet top and jeans

When it comes to finding your own personal style, it helps to be familiar with some of the basic rules for what looks great on everybody. Here’s how to dress 10 pounds thinner:

No matter what size a woman is, there are some styles that will always work. For instance, it’s common knowledge that A-line dresses and perfectly tailored blazers can complement every single body type, whether you’re a curvy hourglass or have more of an inverted-triangle shape. However, if your closet is full of A-line dresses and you’re looking for a few new ideas to slim out your appearance, here are three ways to instantly dress 10 pounds thinner:

1. Slim your arms with sheer sleeves

The arms are one of the most common body parts that women wish to downplay with their clothes. Luckily, whether you’re hoping to downplay curvy upper arms or simply want to cover the skin around the triceps, there are some great ways to soften the appearance of this area. One stylish option is to wear three-quarter length, sheer sleeves. Three-quarter sleeves are known for being very slimming, and translucent styles can provide lightweight coverage in an elegant way.

Consider our Sheer Sleeves Top, for instance. The black undershirt can be slipped on underneath sleeveless shirts and dresses to keep any outfit dressy and comfortable. Wear it underneath your favorite black dress to add sleeves or layer it under a white tank top as a flattering alternative to a cardigan or jacket.

Sheer Sleeves are a great way to dress 10lbs thinner

2. Choose detailing around the neckline

Tops and dresses with V necklines are amazingly flattering to any body type because they lengthen the neck and draw attention to the collarbone and shoulders. This draws the eye upward and creates an overall longer and leaner appearance. This same slimming effect can actually be mimicked using embroidery that begins under the neckline and angles upward toward the shoulders. The V shape created by the embroidery will emulate the neckline and create the appearance of a longer body.

The Jenna Embroidered Tunic has beautiful and delicate embroidery that’s instantly slimming – plus, its three-quarter length sleeves make it even more flattering! Pair the tunic with slim-cut or straight-leg pants for a casually elegant outfit you can wear to the office or around the house.

An embroidered necklice is great for when you want to dress 10lbs thinner

3. Opt for a wrap style

Aside from an A-line dress, one of the other cuts that complements almost every body type is the classic wrap dress. Wrap dresses highlight the natural waist, while draping flatteringly over the hips to create a fit-and-flare shape. Most wrap dresses also have the added benefit of creating a deep V neckline as one side of the bodice wraps over the other.

The cut and style of our Carren Surplice Dress creates the same effect as a wrap dress, drawing attention to the narrow waist and flaring out beautifully over the lower body. Not to mention, the dress has a bright raspberry color – perfect for spring! Wear it with tights and a cardigan for a dressy early spring outfit.

A wrap or surplice style dress is key when you want to dress 10lbs thinner

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Published on Jul 14 2015

Last Updated on Dec 30 2015

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