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A guide for dressing your beautiful pear-shaped figure

Women with pear-shaped bodies are in good company because it’s actually the most common female body shape! A slim upper body, a relatively small bust and a larger lower body are the basic characteristics of the pear body shape, which means women with this body typically carry weight in their hips, thighs and rear. There are a few basic guidelines for dressing this body type to enhance all of its beautiful features. Take a look at these tips for dressing your pear-shaped body:

Take style cues

Pear-shaped bodies are very common, which means there are many stylish celebrities and other women with the body type that you can take cues from. Look to women who already know what works best on the pear shape, like Jennifer Lopez, Kate Winslet or the well-dressed ladies in your office or family. Take note of the styles they wear that you really like, and incorporate those fashions into your own wardrobe.

Draw attention upward

Wear dresses and tops that draw eyes upward, which can help diminish the appearance of a larger derriere and hips. Try wearing interesting necklines and volumizing textures, like ruffles or ruching.  Add accessories, like scarves or statement necklaces, that will keep eyes on your daintier upper body.

Use these guidelines for dressing your pear-shaped figure.

Balance your body

Use the color and structure of your clothing items to balance the proportions of your upper and lower body. Keep your pants and skirts darker and wear brightly colored tops – the combination will make your hips and legs appear smaller. Try to wear shirts and jackets that stop right above the hip. Any lower, and the bottom of the shirt will draw attention to your widest part.

Throw on a skinny belt

Any woman looks slimmer when emphasizing her skinniest part, and for lucky pear-shaped ladies, this is usually right at the waist or just below the bust. Wearing a skinny belt around this part of your body will create a flattering hourglass shape and beautifully display your defined waist. Be careful with wide belts, though, because they can actually draw attention to the size difference between your upper and lower body.

Go for a wide leg

Wide-leg jeans and trousers are a great bet for pear-shaped ladies because they create a clean line from the hip to the floor and help balance the legs’ proportions. Because the pants are wider at the bottom, they can make hips and thighs appear slimmer.
Wide-leg jeans and trousers are a great bet for pear-shaped ladies because they create a clean line from the hip to the floor and help balance the legs' proportions.
Try A-line
It might sound a little counterintuitive, but dresses that flare out at the waist and over the hips are very flattering for women with a pear-shaped figure. A-line dresses will emphasize your smaller waist, and the voluminous skirt will be attributed to the dress rather than the body underneath it.

Embrace your curves
Curvaceous lower bodies are beautiful, so don’t be afraid to show yours off. Wear clothes that fit closely to your body, rather than loose styles that hide your body and add the appearance of weight. Invest in some shapewear that will smooth out any bumps, creating a streamlined and beautiful look.

Invest in some shapewear.

Remember, no two women’s bodies are alike, and it’s important to feel good in the clothes you wear. The best way to figure out what works on your body is to simply experiment with different styles and fits until you find the ones you love to wear.

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