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The Lylux Collection: On-trend clothing for every size and shape

Monroe and Main is proud to introduce the Lylux Collection. Women of all sizes will appreciate this new lineup thanks to our flattering cuts and styles. From slim jeans and embroidered tops to dresses and sandals, you’ll find everything you need to create a wardrobe full of the latest trends.

Lylux Collection

Flatter your body

The Lylux Collection offers a wide range of sizes, from a small up to a 5X in women’s clothing. Order your clothes in the size that’s the most comfortable for your body. Here’s a summary of what Lylux has to offer:

The tops in this collection are nipped just under the bust to better accentuate your curves. However, the fabric still flows around your body to give you free movement and breathable attire – meaning you’ll look and feel great at the same time.

plus-size woman wearing a Lylux top
Height Ashbury Top

The bottoms in the collection were also created with style and comfort in mind. For example, the Slim Girlfriend Jean will help elongate your body for a slimming effect, and the cotton/spandex blend makes the material easy to wear all day. Another look available in Monroe and Main clothing is crochet shorts. This timeless fashion is very feminine and will make you feel trendy whenever you put it on.

plus-size woman wearing crochet shorts
Crochet Shorts

The Lylux Collection also has accessories you can pair with your Monroe and Main tops and bottoms. If you’re a fan of the fedora, we have an open-weave and braided-brim option that will fulfill your desire for unique details. In addition, you can add a bold body chain to your closet. This piece comes in silver or gold, so choose the one that fits your style the best.

Fringe Back Top & Mesh Overlay Skirt
Hobo Bag with Fringe, Studded Triple Buckle Gladiator, & Cora Heel

Boho style
The Lylux Collection draws inspiration from Bohemian influences. This is made apparent by the use of crochet patterns and embroidered designs. Many of these garments also feature sharp angles, paisley or floral patterns. You’ll appreciate these options because they’re laid-back yet eye-catching.

plus-size woman wearing a boho-inspired Gypsy Dress
Gypsy Dress

#luxtip: Central focus and contours draw the eye in to enhance your core allure.

How to wear it

If you’re looking for the latest fashion trends for women, you’ve found them.The best part about this boho-style collection is that it can easily be worn with a variety of outfits. For example, you can pair a cut-out embroidered top with jeans for a casual look or wear it with a cardigan for a more formal appearance. Either way, boho styles are meant for comfort, so you can rest assured knowing you’ll be relaxed all day.

plus-size women wearing Lylux
Monroe and Main’s Lylux Collection

What’s more, you can easily add several of these versatile items to your wardrobe. The Lylux Collection’s tops, bottoms and accessories range in price from $39.99 to $99.99. The price varies depending on size and materials. Purchase any item you want using Monroe and Main credit – this makes payment easier as you can pay for your attire a little bit at a time.

Watch the Lylux Collection Behind the Scenes Video 

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