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Wardrobe advice from top stylists for the stars

Ever wondered how celebrities are so fashionable? They have help! Professional stylists have a hand in nearly every amazing outfit worn by your favorite stars, from incredible evening gowns for the Oscars to street-chic off-duty looks. We’ve rounded up some advice from celebrity stylists so you can reap the benefits of their knowledge without hiring your own personal wardrobe consultant.

Go to a tailor
Timothy Snell, stylist for Queen Latifah, encourages women to take their clothing to a tailor. It’s difficult to find clothing that fits perfectly no matter your size and body type, so why not bring your almost-perfect items to a professional who can take them to the next level by altering them for a perfect fit. Not only can they shorten the hems of pants that are a little too long or sleeves that don’t quite fit, a tailor can make boxier pieces, like a jacket or dress, fit like a glove. Snell recommends using the same tailor every time your clothing needs a little work. That way they will get to know what you need and your body type, which will help to make the alteration process easier and faster.

Try it on
Stylist Chiara Solloa has worked with many clients, from musicians to actors, in her 10-year career. Her advice? Try clothes on. It may not look like it will fit or be the best for your body type when it is hanging flat on a hanger. Don’t be afraid to head to the dressing room and see what it looks like on you. Solloa often tries clothing on when she’s picking styles for clients. Even though her client’s body types are not necessarily the same as her own, she finds that seeing the item on an actual person can really help to better establish how the piece wears.

Show some skin
Jen Rade, stylist to Angelina Jolie, is a huge fan of showing skin on one area of your body. She advises picking your favorite part of your body and showing it off. If you have a great bust, go ahead and show a little, but don’t show much skin elsewhere. If you love your legs let the world see them, but keep covered on top. This is a great way to bring attention to your better areas

Mix high-quality items with bargain pieces
Christina Ehrlich has dressed Tina Fey, Amy Adams, Penelope Cruz and more. She believes that a woman’s closet should consist of both high-quality pieces and items with less-longevity. Her advice is to have some black separates (think a pencil skirt, blazer and fancy dress) that are high-quality and will last a long time. Pair those items with lesser quality ones to create a full wardrobe. This way you’re not stuck with wearing the same 10 pieces over and over.

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