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3 fashion trends for 2015 that every woman can wear

A lot of trendy fashions are a little confusing to everyday women who aren’t built like runway models.

The sheer dresses and statement-making jumpsuits of 2014 seen on runways and celebrities, for instance, likely had most women scratching their heads. When building a wardrobe, it’s most important to find classic pieces that won’t go out of style and will always look great on your body type. However, there are some fashion trends that are a little more wearable. Ankle boots and capes were very popular styles in 2014 that almost any woman could wear comfortably. And moving into 2015, there are a few great trends that are easy for women of any size and shape to wear. Take a look at these three 2015 fashions that every woman can wear:

1. Flared pants
Next year is going to be all about modernizing the styles of the 1970s, starting with wide-leg pants. Flared pants were a staple of the flower-power generation, but they can also look modern – not to mention how flattering they are on all body shapes. To wear this trend, the first step is to find jeans or trousers with the perfect fit. Make sure they fit well around the hips and butt and flare at the knees, or just above. You may want to have a tailor hem the pants so they’re the right length for wearing with your favored heel height. Pair flared pant styles with structured and fitted tops so the volume of the pants is balanced by a slim upper body. Consider wearing the pants with a blazer or a short cardigan.

Flared pants were a staple of the flower-power generation, but they can also look modern - not to mention how flattering they are on all body shapes.

2. Monochromatic looks
Monochromatic looks are another very flattering trend to expect in 2015. Monochromatic outfits have one overarching color and are most flattering for all body types when that color is dark or black. To wear the look, simply pair a top and bottom of the same color – like a pair of black tights with a little black dress. To add some visual interest, play with different textures and colorful accessories. One example: Wear a dark sweater in a thick knit texture with a pair of pants in the same color, along with a vivid red handbag or sapphire necklace to go with the look. Though denim-on-denim outfits are another trend making its way around the style world, it can be difficult to master and unflattering if done wrong, so it may be one monochromatic style to consider avoiding.

Wear these three flattering 2015 fashion trends.

3. Florals
For those ladies who want a little more color in their outfits, floral patterns are another big fashion trend you’ll be seeing in 2015, especially during the spring and summer. Small floral patterns can look very flattering on all body types because they camouflage bumps really well. Look for dresses and blouses with these smaller florals to add some color to your wardrobe. Large graphic floral patterns are a little tougher to pull off and can add the appearance of volume. If you do want to wear the larger florals, make sure to look for patterned pieces with some structure to counteract the volumizing design.

floral patterns are another big fashion trend

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