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Wearing activewear outside the gym

Woman in white zip up, pleated hoodie, black pants and black sandals

Swiftly walking around the track or jogging on the treadmill is even more enjoyable when you’ve got a great pair of sweatpants. There’s just something about activewear that automatically relaxes the mind and body. Wouldn’t it be great to wear these clothes all the time? Well, with a few secret strategies, you can! Learn how you can incorporate activewear into your everyday look:

Activewear to work

Wearing sweatpants to work is a taboo topic, but if it’s done with the right secret strategies, you can be comfy while you sit at your desk all day. Leggings are working their way back into the fashion world, and you can give them a professional look. When wearing activewear leggings to work, make sure they fit to your calves. The sleek look of non-flared leggings is key to nailing this office-ready style.

Additionally, make sure your bottom is covered. The tight fit in this area is really what makes leggings not work appropriate, but you can easily sidestep this problem by pairing leggings with a tunic that drapes to or just above your knees.

You can also enhance the professional factor of this outfit by incorporating the right clothing accessories. Dangling earrings, a beautiful pendant and a wristwatch will dress up your leggings enough for the office.

woman wearing stylish activewear

Activewear at the grocery store

Most women don’t care how they look when they’re running in for a loaf of bread at the grocery store, so wearing activewear to the supermarket is totally acceptable. However, don’t let the casual nature of this venue overtake your entire style. You certainly don’t want to be sauntering through the aisles in old, ripped T-shirts and worn-down athletic shoes. Bump up this look by pairing your sweatpants with a zip-up jacket that really pulls the ensemble together.

woman wearing stylish activewear

Activewear out with friends

You would wear jeans when going out to dinner with all your girlfriends, so why shouldn’t you be able to wear sweatpants? The key to making activewear work in a social setting is to employ the same strategies you would for work. Pair leggings with a flowing tunic, and dress the outfit up with jewelry.

You can also wear flared sweatpants if you pick the right shoes. Wear these pants with a strappy pair of sandals or don a chic pair of flats. The extra elegance in footwear will instantly turn activewear from workout to going out.

Get use out of all the clothes in your closet with these fun fashion tips.

woman wearing activewear

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Published on Aug 14 2015

Last Updated on Jul 21 2016

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