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Genuine leather shoes

There’s no comparison to genuine leather shoes. Their refinement, style and overall durability put them at the top tier of footwear. That’s why fall fashion is so great – the weather is finally cool enough for you to strap on your fabulous leather boots. Whether you opt for a tall style, ankle height or cowboy boots, when you’re wearing genuine leather shoes, you can’t go wrong. Here’s why you need to have this integral fall footwear in your closet:

heel shoe in leather

Genuine leather shoes last for years

Why do you think cowboy boots are made of real leather? When you’re walking along the fresh earth of an agricultural farm, loading bales of hay into the back of a pickup truck and riding around on horses all day, you need some sturdy shoes. Leather is a high-quality material, and shoes made of it are durable. Pair this material with our dedication to fit down to the last stitch, and our genuine leather shoes will get you through all the unpredictable elements of the colder months. With the proper care for leather shoes, they won’t crack or tear, and they’ll maintain their color for years. Really, buying a pair of genuine leather boots, flats or loafers is like making an investment. You won’t need a new pair for a long time – unless, of course, you see another style you love.

genuine leather bootie

You won’t find anything as comfortable

Leather circulates air to the foot better than synthetic materials, meaning your feet won’t sweat or get uncomfortably hot. However, their durability will keep your toes warm through the coldest fall days. Aside from temperature control, genuine leather shoes are also flexible and mold to the shape of your foot, making walking even long distances comfortable.

Clarks bootie in leather

Nothing looks as good as leather

From the familiar smell to the way it catches the light, there’s nothing quite as aesthetically pleasing as genuine leather. Wearing this material in your footwear just exudes sophistication and luxury. Plus, leather isn’t just for cowboy boots anymore.The fashion world has made this material suitable for anything from boots to flats, and with different styles, textures and embellishments, you can effortlessly find a leather shoe that speaks to your personality. Leather flats are perfect for the working woman who’s on her feet all day. Or, slide into a chic pair of ankle boots for a fashion-forward weekend look.

If you’re going to spend money on shoes, you might as well get a pair that will last you for years to come, right?  You can always buy now, pay later, too. Just make sure you get a pair or two of genuine leather shoes in your closet!

zipped up bootie with heel in leather

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