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Various women in different outfits

Color Confidence by Bloggers

Are you hesitant to wear color? Do you often wonder which hues go together? Do you wonder if some colors are just too bold for you? Or whether you can wear certain colors to work? There’s plenty of questions and concerns about adding color to your wardrobe. Our fashionable bloggers have the answers! Scroll below to check out their very colorful, confident looks and click through to their individual blog posts to read for many more tips and tricks on how to add color to your wardrobe this season.

All bloggers were compensated with complimentary product in exchange for an honest review of the items.
Opinions expressed by bloggers are their own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Monroe and Main.

AUBERGINE FOR FALL  – Still Blonde After These Years!

woman wearing aubergine top and khaki pencil skirt

When I think of Fall, I think of color, don’t you? The changing leaves, the team spirit being displayed for our local teams, brilliant scarves worn at our necks all evoke that sense of changing seasons. It takes real confidence sometimes to slip out of your white jean cutoffs, white t-shirts and light pastels of summer and move into the deep reds, oranges, aubergines, melots and cobalts of fall. Monroe and Main, a favorite clothing line of mine, is here to help you make your color choices in confidence. . . I find it’s easy to be confident when I have on this top with the crossing sweep that makes it oh-so figure defining.

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woman wearing a cobalt blue tunic
To me, a tunic is the perfect transition piece from summer to fall. A flowing tunic, especially one in an amazing color like this one in cobalt, can easily last in your outfit rotation for the next several months. With a little thought, and some funny stares from my neighbors, I put together 4 outfits that can help transition from the warm days to the cool ones.

I’m a huge fan of cobalt paired with black, but it could also be worn with shorts in all sorts of colors and patterns – denim, white, coral, teal, tan, etc…

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woman wearing aubergine top and black pants
Don’t be afraid of color! Incorporating color into your ensemble is a great way to feel fresh, fashion-forward and fabulous. Monroe and Main Fall spotlight colors are: Cobalt, Red, Merlot, Orange & Aubergine!I chose Aubergine. Purple is my favorite color and I love to wear it! I love Monroe and Main clothing, they carry quality pieces and promote fashion that fits. Their outfits can even make a day with a boomerang look like date night!

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woman wearing dress with orange accents

When I saw the Hearts of Desire dress, I knew I had found it. The combination of orange and sage are not only gorgeous together but reflective of the desert landscape. In fact, the beautiful orange in this dress is one of Monroe and Main’s Fall spotlight colors. The colors in this dress are gorgeous especially against the desert scenery. I wore this same outfit to school last week and received so many compliments from both staff and students. This truly is a very special dress!

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woman wearing cobalt blue top and black trousers
Fall is such a great time to experiment with color. Vibrant jewel colors look good on practically any skin tone. The folks at Monroe and Main want to build your color confidence for fall with a wonderful collection of clothing in colors like Cobalt, Red, Merlot, Orange & Aubergine! . . .{Cobalt} is a favorite color of mine that I often use in accessories, but I don’t typically choose it as the main focus piece of my outfit.What I love about this top is that I don’t really need any other bold accessories. It says, WOW! all by itself. I love that you can dress it up or dress it down, wear it flowing or tucked in. It is super comfortable and will be easy to layer as the weather gets cooler.

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ADD A POP OF COLOR TO YOUR FALL WARDROBE – My So Called Balanced Life blog

woman wearing a multi-colored top

I am so excited that Fall is right around the corner; it is my favorite season. I love the rich, dark, vibrant color tones that are popular for Fall. I found the perfect pop of Merlot with Monroe and Main’s Paisley Surplice Top. This lovely top features a beautiful paisley pattern with a wrapping surplice that distracts attention to any one area

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woman wearing merlot top and bag and boots

If you’ve been following me a while now, you know I’m a basic black when it comes to clothes. I love the idea of adding more color to my wardrobe but always end up going back to my safe place, dark colors and grey.I chose this beautiful Wine colored Placket tunic top from Monroe and Main and couldn’t be happier. I’m all about these beautiful rich jewel tones for fall! Obviously I’m going to recommend you too add a rich merlot to your closet this fall.

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woman wearing black, white, gray & cobalt blue dress with cobalt blue handbag

Ah, Cobalt. One of my absolute favorite colors and luckily, one of the hottest colors for Fall 2015. If you’re a bit color-shy I’ve got some tips for incorporating this gorgeous color into your wardrobe, whether you want just a hint or a heap.

If you’re not yet comfortable with a head-to-toe coating of Cobalt, the Fan Colorblock Dress from Monroe and Main is the perfect way to dip your toes in. With a single panel of bright Cobalt in a neutral (and flattering) modern colorblock pattern, this dress can take you from the office to an evening out without a hitch.

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woman wearing long colorful sweater

My color is the rich, jewel toned AUBERGINE…found in this dramatic WARM ME UP SWEATER DUSTER and LOLITA CONTROLLED LEGGING.  These will be great pieces in my cold weather wardrobe…with boots, of course! I have always said eggplant purple, but I like aubergine so much better. It has been one of my favorite colors for a long time…makes those green and blue eyes pop, ladies.

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FALL COLOR CONFIDENCE –  Kirstin Marie blog

woman wearing multicolored hi-low top

{Cobalt} is a great color that can honestly carry through all seasons. It is such a great accent color for the Fall color palette. Take this gorgeous Monroe and Main top, it compliments the print and the otherwise dark color of this outfit and makes it pop. I love the waterfall back of the shirt. It’s pleated and sheer, but really looks lovely from all sides. I chose to pair this shirt with a great pair of black leggings, so that the shirt could be the center of this outfit. I really like this outfit for Fall.  

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woman wearing black, white, gray, and cobalt blue fan dress
I ADORED the Fan Color Block dress online but after trying it on, I am even more in love with it.  I feel poised and beautiful when I wear it.  The high neckline, the cap sleeves, the fabric and the way the colors fan across to hide my belly make it the perfect dress for me. . .This is my first Monroe and Main piece but I felt more confident in this dress than I have in a long time, so I am certain I’ll be adding more to my collection!

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woman standing in front of gate in a top with orange accents and a orange handbag

Incorporating vivid, bright, bold color into your wardrobe is a wonderful way to feel fresh, fashion-forward and fabulous, but to me, orange just says POW! If I were a superhero, my uniform would be orange, no doubt about it! Orange just brightens one’s day and brings about a feeling of happiness for you and those around you. Dressing in an awakening color like orange is a sure fire way to bring about a good feeling.

I just think the Mix It Up Tunic is the coolest clothing item I have come across in a while and I had to have it and I think you all need one in your closet before fall arrives.

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DD A POP OF COLOR FOR FALL – Jinxy Beauty blog

woman wearing fan-color dress with black, white, gray & cobalt blue
This fall is going to be all about color. Whether you opt for head-to-toe color or just a POP to make your style eye-catching, Monroe and Main is making it easy to spruce up your wardrobe with spotlight colors featuring Cobalt, Red, Merlot, Orange & Aubergine. I have always been a big fan of Cobalt. With light skin and hair and blue eyes, it is my choice for accenting my features. That’s why I was drawn to this Monroe and Main Fan Colorblock Dress. It features my go-to colors of black and white, along with a heather gray, and then this nice, bright POP of cobalt!

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woman wearing long multi-colored sweater and merlot top
Not really used to wearing colors especially during fall and winter? No worries! You can still just wear your usual tops and bottoms, then simply add some colored accessories — like fashion jewelry, a jacket, a handbag, a pair of shoes or a hat — for that perfect pop of color!

I love how the color of this sweater adds that pop of color to my mostly neutral-colored wardrobe so that my look can stand out!

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WHAT’S HOT FOR FALL? MERLOT!  – Heavenly Savings & Homemaking blog 

woman wearing a merlot colored top and a leopard print scarf and jeans
Now that I am on my downhill slope of my pregnancy I am wanting to feel comfortable in what I wear. Good thing with Monroe and Main comfort does not mean frumpy and boring.It means COLOR! Thanks to Monroe and Main I will look fashionable, colorful, comfortable and feel stunning…while showing off my baby bell with confidence! This Fall my “go-to” color is Merlot. I love how this adds color, makes me feel confident and I can wear it with just about anything. Merlot goes great with yellow, teals, blacks, and more.

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FALL INTO RED – Libby’s Library blog

woman wearing a black outfit with red highlights in accessories
Fall will be here before you know it and that means fabulous bursts of the rich Colors of the Season :  Cobalt blue skies, Orange hued sunsets, Merlot grapes on the vine, Aubergine eggplants ready to harvest and the passion of RED. I’ve never ventured into a lot of red clothing and accessories, so I decided that it was time to do so. If red isn’t your thing, then why not think about one of the other color options! There are so many items to choose from.  Hats, sweaters, tops and shoes.  Handbags, dresses, pants and jewelry.

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woman wearing aubergine top and black pants

When it comes to adding color confidence to your wardrobe it is essential to keep these simple tips in mind. If you’re like me, you like to keep a neutral color incorporated. An easy way to do just that is to add fun colored top and wear jeans or a neutral-colored bottom.

Want more color? You can always add some statement jewelry. Use your fashion accessories to add color and sparkle to your outfit. You could try stacking colorful bracelets on your arm. Scarves are a great way as well. As a sash, a pocket square, a shawl, a headband, or around your neck, a scarf works very well as a single colorful element in an otherwise neutral ensemble. Place the scarf wherever you’d like the eye to be drawn.

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woman wearing a multicolored top with orange accents and an orange handbag

This fall, try to find ways to incorporate bold colors into your outfits. The Mix It Up Tunic is a great choice for those who tend to stick with black or otherwise neutral colors; it gives the appearance of wearing bold colors while keeping the background simple. Adding bright, of-the-moment colors makes an outfit feel fresh and fun.

GAIN CONFIDENCE WITH COLOR –  My Un-Entitled Life blog

woman seated wearing aubergine top and black skirt

There’s nothing more important than feeling like the rock star you are! Confidence can be learned and gained just by giving yourself a little pep talk each day and reminding yourself you are smart, beautiful and confident! None of these items should be based on your body size or flaws. It’s about how you feel and being confident in who you are. Having fun bright clothes gives you an instant lift in mood and confidence. I felt instantly beautiful with this striking purple top on and a simple black skirt with cute sandals. I felt put together and like I could do anything. Whether you have a meeting or need to run to the store you can feel confident with a pop of fall color in your outfit.

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woman wearing red cape jacket and black boots

Incorporating color into your ensemble is an excellent way to feel fresh, fashion-forward and fabulous! It might seem easier to stick with the black (I did for years!) for the slimming effects, but does it do the job? The fit of the dress is a lot more important than the color, and the right hues will dramatically improve your mood, the color will give you the confidence.

If you are new to color, start small by adding color accessories to your neutral and black shades clothing. Go step further – get a dark solid dress, but instead of your favorite black, go for the dark blue or purple. Keep making baby steps toward color every day.

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woman sitting on ocean jetty wearing purple top and jeans

Our summer days are coming to a close, tans are fading, and grey skies will soon be rolling in. While it’s tempting to embrace the dreary with dull colors, why not brighten your wardrobe with beautiful fall colors! Whether you go bold with a vibrant cobalt top, or a flashy red purse, or perhaps you’re a more subtle girl like me, with a sweater that has hints of aubergine, adding color to will brighten even the rainiest day!

The deep purple hue of aubergine has always been a favorite of mine, so when it started showing up as one of the hot colors for fall, I knew I’d be having some fun. Monroe and Main has some gorgeous fashion items to chose from and it wasn’t easy. There’s a catch too. I’m attempting to capsule my wardrobe. A capsule wardrobe is a collection of a few essential items of clothing that don’t go out of fashion. I knew I wanted a staple and a fashion piece, so I had to make choices on pieces that would really work in multiple situations. The trick with purple is you don’t want to go overboard.  Less is more.

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ADD COLOR TO YOUR WARDROBE – Saving You Dinero blog

ADD COLOR TO YOUR WARDROBE – Saving You Dinero blog
When I look through my closet, it’s pretty boring. I never really noticed that everything I have is black! And most of the items have black belts- how boring is that!?. Oh and all I own is black shoes. My wardrobe needs some help. I’m so happy that Monroe and Main has a great new selection of clothes with many beautiful colors. I loved the Cobalt. I have always thought I looked good in blue, but I don’t have many blue tops because I don’t like how they go with jeans. I received this Fan Colorblock Dress. I love how the pattern conceals any extra weight I have in my midsections.

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As summer slides into fall, cobalt blue is the perfect transition color, and Monroe and Main has some great pieces to help bring this flattering color into your wardrobe. There are a couple great things about cobalt blue, one being that it is a color that looks great on nearly everyone. Whether you’re pale or darker-skinned, have blonde or jet black hair, cobalt will look stunning on you. It’s also a really easy color to make work in virtually any wardrobe, since it mixes well with nearly any neutral. And finally, cobalt blue is a color that works for nearly any style, meshing well with everything from classic pieces to rocker chic or sporty looks. Cobalt is truly a wardrobe powerhouse!

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woman wearing colorful sweater and scarf and brown boots

Aubergine is a easy color to work into your wardrobe for us gals who like the neutrals especially gray. To show you how I am going to update my fall wardrobe with aubergine I did a little shopping atMonroe and Main. I picked out and ordered this fabulous Street Chic Sweater because comfortable chunky sweaters will also be trendy this fall. Fashion Tip: Don’t feel like you need to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe every season. You can add one or two trendy pieces and reuse them in different outfits to create several different looks without breaking the bank. So yes, the sweater is mostly grey however it has several splashes of aubergine. Remember, I am color shy and need to take baby steps.

Add a Pop of Color to Your Ensemble – Donnahup blog 

woman wearing merlot colored top and black pants
I’m so excited about the newest trend with adding a pop of color. One of the hot colors this season is Merlot. It’s such a beautiful color. The sweater pairs perfectly with my black pants or jeans. This makes it a must have for both business and casual attire.  Some of the other hot colors this fall are Cobalt, Red, Orange, and Aubergine!

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