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Your guide to fall 2015 handbags

Every woman knows the importance of a good handbag. These valuable accessories hold the day’s necessities and more! Not only are they useful for storing items, but they also make a great fashion piece. Wearing the right purse is a wonderful way to complete your ensemble and top off your look. However, do you know which bags are trending right now and what to wear them with? If not, here is an easy guide to this season’s fashion handbags.

The leather tote bag

A tote bag is always a fantastic purse option. If you’re someone who likes to carry a lot of items around, like notebooks, accessories or maybe even an outfit change, then a tote is definitely for you. The size of the purse lets you easily and stylishly carry around whatever you’d like.

Totes come in a variety of colors and materials, but a leather tote bag offers a lot of versatility. For instance, the smooth features look good in a professional setting, but also transition really well into an evening out with friends. Black and brown are popular colors for this style of bag, and they go well with almost any outfit. However, stand out from the crowd this season by getting yourself a white or even metallic-colored tote.

Tooled Bag

The top-handle satchel

Space is vital when you have a lot to carry around, but sometimes a full tote is too much. To get the mid-sized bag you’ve been dreaming about, add a top-handled satchel to your purse collection. This piece will still offer plenty of storage, but the smaller size makes it easier to manage.

If you’re going for a sophisticated and sleek style, this satchel is for you. The zip or clasp top makes the purse appear more structured and organized than other, bulkier bags.

Swirled Quilted Satchel

The cross-body bag

Every woman knows how frustrating it is to constantly hitch up her purse. An over-the-shoulder bag is always cute, but some women find it hard to keep the straps from slipping off their shoulders. If you do a lot of walking to get to work or are heading out for a day full of activities, don a cross-body bag. With this in place, you won’t have to worry about the strap falling off your shoulder or forgetting your purse somewhere.

Keep this piece trendy by finding a dark-colored bag that sports studs for an edgy appearance. If you prefer a more feminine style, choose a pink bag with a gold-metal strap. People will admire your fashionable purse, and you can stride easy knowing your bag isn’t going to slip down.

Multi-Pocket Travel Side Bag

The furry clutch

Faux fur looks great as a fashionable vest, but it can also make a statement on a purse. Stylish clutches are perfect for an evening out with friends because they’re small and just the right size for the essentials, such as keys, a small wallet and a lipstick.

Get on board the faux fur clutch trend this fall by trying out a couple of different styles. For instance, if you want a fun, carefree style, go with vibrant, pastel fur colors. If you’re more interested in a bold, chic look, choose a dark color, like burgundy, or a fashionable print.

Diagonal Stripe Clutch

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I purchased the gold satchel and loved it until the luster of the gold sheen was beginning to fade and one side of the stitchings to a strap became unsewn…

Sorry to hear this Roz. If you would be willing to send us your address and order details, we will research this further and see what we can do. We definitely want you to be happy with your purchase and want to know about any quality issues we need to address. Please email us at Thank you.

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