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1 Shapely Dress, 5 Colorful Looks-Employee Models

1 Shapely Dress, 5 Colorful Looks-Our staff's twist on our best-selling, Knot Your Mother's Dress.

1 Shapely Dress, 5 Colorful Looks-Our staff’s twist on our best-selling, Knot Your Mother’s Dress.


As a cancer survivor, single mother of two and someone who enjoys quality time with her kids and traveling, Christa appreciates quality clothes. She loves classy, versatile styles that show off her assets, yet are easy to wash, wear and go!


Matchy matchy clothing? No way, says Claudia! Colorful styles are easy to accessorize around, and express her passion for fashions with influences from Mexico. Who says a mother of three can’t be a trendsetter or live her model dream?


The youngest of ten, Becky wore boxy hand-me-downs for years. Her outfits are “all about her” now, soft, feminine and vibrant! She gets fashion and fit advice from her daughters and fashion magazines to best dress her shape.


Christine likes great basics you can dress up or down. Comfort is the key, but not “ugly” comfort, she says. With a coffee shop to run and EMT duties, she thrives on the unpredictable. The best compliment? Her daughters raid her closet!


Deborah is finishing up her college degree, yet still finds time to rollerblade with her granddaughter. She loves to be spontaneous in life, and in her wardrobe. “I start with great shoes and build my outfit from there!”

1 Shapely Dress, 5 Colorful Looks-Our staff's twist on our best-selling, Knot Your Mother's Dress.


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Love that you have real women for models and that you tell us a little about their background. It’s nice to see trendy clothes on beautiful women who live a similar lifestyle to my own.

I also appreciate you showing different ways of using the same dress. You can really get your money’s worth from buying one basic dress.

I’ll be looking forward to future posts!

Monroe and Main

Thanks for the comment Deborah!


I have this dress and love it! Super easy, versatile, and flattering.

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Published on Sep 19 2014

Last Updated on Jan 25 2015

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