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A girl’s guide to wristwatches

Wristwatches are the perfect clothing accessory for both staying on trend and practical reasons. Wristwatches are especially great for checking the time when it may be inappropriate to peek at your phone, such as during work or while in class. When you look down at your wrist, you’re doing more than keeping up with your daily schedule – you’re setting the scene for a fashion-forward look. Find out how you can work wristwatches into your wardrobe:

Crystal Floral Print Watch
Crystal Floral Print Watch

Selecting a wristwatch style

When choosing a watch, the first step is determining the reason you need one. Are you looking for an everyday watch? Do you need one for when you’re working out? Is a special occasion calling for a new wristwatch purchase? Determining how and when you’ll use your watch is important when selecting the type.

For everyday wear, you may want to go with a neutral metallic watch. The elegance of its shine will add an sophisticated flair to your wrist, and the neutral gold, silver or bronze color will make it easy to incorporate the watch with any outfit. Even if you’re going to a more formal event, a watch with some sparkle and shine can easily make your outfit dazzle.

If you’re looking for something less formal, for wearing with jeans and a casual top, you may want to go with one of the more colorful options to showcase your personality. Vibrant hues and patterns deck crystal, metallic, leather and silicon straps, giving you a lot of freedom when selecting the material. However, if you’re using the watch while being physically active, a silicone strap will probably be more comfortable on your skin.

Two-Tone Scrolled Watch

Finding the fit

While the strap needs to comfortably fit around your wrist, you have some latitude with the look of the watch. Large faces on wristwatches used to be a men’s-only style, but that’s quickly becoming a thing of the past. You can choose the size depending on your taste, but there are certain faces that make it easier to dress your body type.

Clothing accessories should be proportionate to your body shape, so if you have daintier wrists, you may want to wear a watch with a smaller face to avoid overwhelming your arms. However, a larger piece gives you an edgy, rule-breaking flare and can still work your small size. For wider wrists, larger circles may emphasize your curves, so stick to oval or square shapes. A rectangle clock face will bring sharp edges and lines to narrow out your arm.

Colorful Band Watch

Wearing a wrist watch

There’s hardly ever an occasion in which knowing the time isn’t convenient, so make sure you have watches that work with all your ensembles. If you particularly love a certain watch, showcase the accessory by wearing short or three-quarter sleeves. Covering your whole arm will shield the watch from sight, depriving you of a fun fashion opportunity.

Southwest Dial Watch

However, you’ll still need to tell time even when the winter months roll around. When pairing a wristwatch with the long sleeves of a sweater, wear one with a smooth leather or metallic strap. This way, you can easily lift your sleeve to see the time without snagging the fabric on gems or sharp edges.

Whether you like being fashionably late or strictly on time, complete your outfit with a fabulous wristwatch.

Crystal Stretch Band Watch

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