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Woman in black chain link jacket over burgundy top and black pants

The chain link jacket: A necessity for fall

Ladies often wear the same winter coat throughout the colder months of the year, so why not apply a similar strategy to fall? Of course, if you’re going to incorporate such an integral piece into your wardrobe, it’s important that it contains all the best elements of this season’s style. That’s why you need the jacket of the season: the chain link jacket.

Chain Link Jacket
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A textured leather jacket with a gold chain-link trim will get you through any occasion during the next few months. It has all the pizzazz of an on-trend fashion statement with the warmth of a reliable outer later. Find out how you can incorporate this item into your wardrobe:

Woman wearing Chain Link Jacket and a dress

Make your jacket office ready

The chain link jacket isn’t just for biker babes. You can easily give this layer professional flair with the right fashion choices. Consider pairing it with a pencil skirt and flirty blouse, or replace the blazer on a skirt suit with the jacket. The jacket hemline falls just above the hips, and the top of the pencil skirt will hit at the waist. Wearing these pieces together will emphasize your small middle, delivering the ultimate figure-flattering look.

Plus, the edgy leather jacket matched with a feminine yet businesslike style underneath demonstrates your collaboration skills. You’ve taken two totally different pieces and made them work in one gorgeous ensemble, and that reflects on your job skills, too!

woman wearing Chain Link Jacket and a pencil skirt and blouse

Transition this piece into the weekend

A comfortable pair of stretch jeans will get you through all your fall Saturdays. Make your look even more fashion forward with this leather layer. Since both the black color of the jacket and the gold shine of the chain link are neutrals, you can wear any colored bottoms or top with this item. So, why not incorporate fall shades to complete this seasonal look? Go with a comfortable knit top in aubergine, cobalt, red, orange or merlot. Or, opt for a pattern that incorporates several of these colors.

woman wearing Chain Link Jacket and a cowl neck top

If you want an ultra-comfortable outfit for weekend lounging, you can work this jacket into a legging-ready look as well. The rule of thumb with this type of outfit is to wear a top that covers your bottom. So, whether you pair your leggings with the long length of a tunic or a tank top with a dangling uneven hemline, you can easily throw a jacket over the ensemble, too. Work this look with heeled ankle boots to bump up the fashion factor.

Take it from day to night

Nothing says a night on the town like a well-fitted pair of stretch jeans. Wear your chain link jacket with your favorite denim pants, and get creative with your top. Animal print and patterns with fall colors are great for a nighttime look. Strap on your favorite pair of heels if you’re headed to a night out with the girls, or soften the look with stylish flats.

Make the chain link leather jacket a key part of your fall wardrobe.

woman walking down the street in a Chain Link Jacket

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The chain link jacket is beautiful. It can be worn with almost any style of dress or pants. I love it.

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