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Tips for carrying heavy luggage

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Travel season is upon us. Between the warm weather and overall relaxed atmosphere, summer provides the perfect time to embark on a trip. Though that means beach vacations and traveling to new destinations, it also, unfortunately, means you have to combat those packing struggles. Instead of just packing the essentials for summer travel, many ladies opt to just grab half of their wardrobe and lug it along. While this may solve any fashion dilemmas, it also means many women will be trying to carry extra heavy luggage, which can cause back aches. Learn how to safely carry heavy luggage and avoid aches and pains:

Switch up how you hold luggage

A common tactic for consolidating items into the one-bag limit for carry-ons is to simply stuff the carry-on full. If you’re using only a shoulder bag, switch up which side of your body you hold it on. Just using one shoulder throughout your travels can overly stress one side of your back.

Lift luggage safely

If you’re hoisting luggage in and out of the trunk of your car, you should be careful how you’re lifting the heavy objects. Be sure to lift from your legs and not your back. To do this, keep your back straight and bend at the knees – not the waist – to pick items up from the ground. Additionally, avoid twisting while carrying suitcases and bags. If you have to turn, move your feet.

Select the right luggage bag

It’s best to not lift at all. Though you may not need to hoist it into your car, you shouldn’t have to carry it. Opt for luggage with wheels to gently pull the suitcases behind you. This will relieve the stress from your back and make traveling much easier.

For smaller carry-on bags, Everyday Health suggests selecting an oversized purse with thicker straps. Thin straps on an overfilled bag can dig into your shoulder, causing muscle and skin pain. Thick straps will more evenly distribute the weight.

Set the luggage down

Take advantage of any opportunity you’re not moving to relieve your body of the luggage weight. For example, set the luggage down while waiting to go through a security check at the airport or riding up an elevator. Just remember to lift with your legs and not your back when you pick it back up.

Travel smart this summer by implementing these safety tips into your journey.

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Published on Aug 23 2015

Last Updated on Jul 21 2016

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