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Sheath dresses for every body shape

Fall into this season’s fashion trends by slipping on a stunning sheath dress. A sheath dress fits to your body shape, and typically falls just below the knees. This sleek and chic look is perfect for any body type because of its flexibility and visual interest. Learn how you can incorporate a sheath dress into your everyday wear:

The front panel of a sheath dress

Sheath dresses typically mold to the shape of your body and carry patterns in sections rather than all over. A front panel that showcases the season’s colors is a popular feature on this type of garb. The vertical lines and the rectangular shape help create a long, lean shape. You may want to select a sheath dress with a wild, animal print panel that’s stylish all year-round, or opt for a garment that features fall shades such as red and cobalt.

An important facet of this dress to note: The panel width changes with the size of the dress. For example, if the panel fits across the stomach, just between the hips, it will look that way on any size from a small to a large. Therefore, plus-size women don’t have to worry about a shrinking panel accentuating their curves.

woman in a sheath dress with a front panel

Accessorize your sheath dress

There are even more reasons to love your clothing accessories beyond the glitz and glamor they provide – you can use them to help mold your shape. Though they fit snug to the body, sheath dresses can work for any body type with the right fashion tools. For example, do you want to draw attention to a cinched waistline? Easily pair a belt with a sheath dresses without the annoying bunching that happens with bulkier clothes. Additionally, you can play up the elongating effects of the print panel by wearing a long necklace.

Get your footwear ready for fall by wearing a sheath dress with a chic pair of ankle boots. The short height of the boot will show off your long legs, and the boot will be right on point with this season’s style.

woman in a sheath dress

Get the right sleeve length

The sleeve length of the sheath dress can also help put the focus in the places you want. For example, do you want to show off your dare-to-bare arms? Go with a sleeveless sheath dress this fall. Or, mix it up by pairing this garb with a sheer-sleeved top underneath that provides full-arm coverage. If you want to draw attention to a small waist, opt for three-quarter length sleeves which will pull eyes to your middle.

Use a sheath dress to achieve a stylish and feminine flair this season.

woman in a colorful sheath dress

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