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Jacket collar types for a slimming look

Stylish plus-size clothing means something different to everyone. Some ladies love rocking high-waisted skirts and cropped tops, while others prefer structured shirts and wide-leg pants – it’s all a matter of personal style. However, there’s one universal word women of every shape and size think about when picking out clothing: flattering. Flattering clothing enhances your body (rather than covering it up). And, whether you tend to look for clothes that cover your “problem” areas or ones that highlight your best assets, the word “flattering” should predominately mean that you feel beautiful and confident in what you’re wearing.

woman wearing a chain link jacket

For plus-size ladies, understanding your own body shape plays a huge role in knowing what clothes will flatter your figure best. However, while understanding the various styles that look amazing on you is important, it’s also crucial to understand how even minor details can help you look your best. Where a hemline hits, how seams help to enhance your shape and even the type of collar a women’s leather jacket has can all affect how flattering the garment is. Yes, you heard that right – even jacket collars can be slimming!

Woman wearing pink jacket with black and pink skirt

Understanding body proportions

Men have mastered the art of wearing lapel sizes that are proportionate to their bodies, but that isn’t something many women think about when choosing a jacket. Instead, it’s all about how the size and collar enhance the garment’s overall style. However, how big the collar and lapel are can really make a difference in how flattering the jacket is. For example, a petite woman in a blazer with a huge collar and wide lapels may look a bit dwarfed by the garment. On the other hand, a tiny and thin collar could look disproportionate on a woman with a large bust.

Jackets with collars and lapels of an average size are the most universally flattering, so they’re a great place to start for any woman.

woman in Chain Link Jacket over white top and burgundy skirt

Types of jacket collars

Proportions matter when finding flattering collars, but the style of the collar and lapel play an important role. Here’s a guide to some of the most common jacket collar styles, and how they can be used as a slimming strategy:

  • Basic jacket collar: A basic jacket collar lines the top of the article of clothing and doesn’t include a lapel. Think of one you may see on a casual denim or leather jacket – it often includes a button right underneath (or a zipper) that can secure the collar around your neck. This style is perfect for a casual, flattering look, but if you have a shorter neck or a curvy upper body, it’s best to avoid buttoning the jacket to the top. This can make your neck appear shorter.
  • V-neck collars: V-neck collars typically have lapels and often button starting at the chest (think of a blazer jacket style). This collar is flattering because the V shape elongates the neck for an overall slimming look, but it’s important to consider the proportions of the lapel.
  • Long straight lapels: Straight lapels are much less common, but can actually be very slimming. These are often seen on blazers with a single button, and they fall in a straight line down the front of the jacket. As with anything that creates a straight vertical line down your body, these lapels draw the eye upward, making you look long and lean.
  • Collarless jackets: Collarless jackets are typically round, although they can also be in a V-neck shape. Either way, this style is slimming because it shows off the whole length of the neck, making your body look tall and slim.

Yes, you heard that right – even jacket collars can be slimming!

Headshot for monroe + main
plus size model wearing a printed yellow and orange dress with a leather jacket.

Enhancing your look with embellishments

Once you’ve mastered the basics of collar styles, the realm of plus-size fashion invites you to explore the transformative power of embellishments. These intricate details, whether in the form of a delicate chain, a playful pattern around the collar, or a ruffled lapel, become enchanting tools to enhance your overall look. Beyond mere ornamentation, embellishments carry a dual slimming power by drawing attention upward and elongating the neck. Embrace the art of accessorizing with these stylish details that not only flatter but also infuse a sense of fun into your fashion repertoire.

woman wearing an embellished glitter jacket over black top and jeans

Delicate chains as embellishments add a touch of subtle sophistication to your collar area. The delicate nature of chains creates visual interest without overwhelming, drawing the eye up and contributing to the illusion of a longer neck. Patterns, when strategically placed around the collar, inject a sense of whimsical elegance into your jacket. The interplay of patterns adds visual intrigue and draws attention to the neckline, aiding in elongating the neck for a slimming effect. Ruffled lapels introduce a feminine and chic flair to your jacket, creating a dynamic focal point. The cascading effect of ruffles draws the eye upward, enhancing the vertical line and contributing to a more elongated appearance.

Jet Setter Jacket with ruffled lapel

The incorporation of embellishments ensures that your neckline becomes a captivating focal point. This not only draws attention away from areas you may want to minimize but also serves to elongate the neck, aligning with the dual slimming power of embellishments. Beyond their slimming benefits, embellishments inject an element of fun and stylish flair into your outfit. They become more than just details; they are expressions of your personal style and a confidence-boosting statement. In conclusion, exploring the world of embellishments opens up a realm of possibilities for plus-size women seeking to enhance their look, allowing you to confidently express your unique fashion sensibilities while embracing the joy and excitement of personalized adornment.

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I really like wearing jackets with a v-neck collar. For my birthday this year, I think I will give myself a present of an IC Collection jacket. I’ve seen several for sale online with v-neck collars that I love. Great post!

Love it! Thanks for commenting, Annie!

Jackets are great and functional accessories. There are so many styles and materials available. Clearly, jackets can also do a lot for appearance in more ways too. Thanks for sharing.

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