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A hat for every head

Like the topper on a wedding cake, hats can add an air of class and elegance to any outfit, and also help to soften up or enhance your features and even have a slimming effect!

Check out our tips for how to find a hat that best fits the shape of your face:

If your face is long and narrow, go for a hat with a wide brim and flat crown. Hats like this are great for keeping out the sun and adding a touch of mystery to any attire.

girl in southwest hat

If your cheekbones and chin are defined, go for a hat with softer lines. Try an asymmetrical hat or an upturned brim to add a touch of femininity and grace to your chiseled bone structure. A knit beret in a fun color like purple or red is a great option to add style to any outfit. Pair it with a slouchy sweater and leggings or skinny jeans for the perfect errand-running look.

girl in hat

When you look in the mirror and see a distinct jawline and rounded cheeks, say hello to your heart-shaped face. Compliment your angles with a hat that is worn at a tilt like a fascinator. These smaller hats are often pinned into the hair at an angle and can include lace or feathers that fall over the face. Princess Kate of the United Kingdom is often seen wearing these playful hats. You’re sure to receive compliments from ladies and gents alike!

woman in purple hat

Round faces have a lot of room to play with headware. Try an asymmetrical or slanted hat with a high crown to lengthen the look of your face and achieve a slimming effect. A fedora that is cocked at an angle is also a great choice and can be found in any number of neutral or statement colors, from gray to teal!

girl in box-weave hat9179

These lucky ducks can wear any hat with ease! Try a wide-brimmed look one day and a cropped brim the next. Your hat wardrobe has no limits! Give a trilby a try. This felt hat has a narrow brim and indented crown, and is great for wearing to and from work and out with the girls! From a 20s-style cloche to a baseball hat, you’ve got a head made for trying them all!


Hats come in so many options, with different materials and styles. No matter what your face shape or personal fashion sense there is a hat for you!

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