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Fit and flatter where it matters

Though color and on-trend styles play a role in the look of your ensemble, the fit is the most important factor when it comes to building a flattering wardrobe. Being comfortable in what you wear will improve your confidence. Though a crucial element to fashion, the idea of fit isn’t always clear. It depends a lot on your comfort level as well as your body type. Use this guide to fit and flatter where it really matters:

Elongate with the neckline

A flattering neckline is key to creating body balance. Instantly elongate your figure with a V-neck shirt. The angled lines of the collar will draw eyes up and down, enhancing your vertical shape. However, it may be difficult for women with a larger bust to comfortably wear a deep V.

For our curvy ladies, instead of using the collar to create vertical lines on top, use clothing accessories. For example, opt for a neckline with more coverage and pair your shirt with a long, dangling pendant. Or, wear a fashion scarf, but instead of wrapping it around your neck, let it drape down your front.

 model wearing a v-neck Blouse

Create a small waist

Whether you want to emphasize your already-petite middle or aim to create the illusion of a smaller waist, these tricks are for you. Use a belt as your go-to solution for instant slimming. By wrapping it around your waist, above your hips, you’ll highlight the smallest part of your stomach.

You can also implement this strategy with the type of shirt you wear. Empire-waist tops or ones that wrap just below the bust work just like a belt in that they highlight a small middle. This works especially well for curvy ladies because the shirt will naturally drift away from the body after it cinches in, avoiding any uncomfortable bulking or bunching.

empire wait black & printed top

Hug your hips

The key for delivering a flattering fit to your hips, no matter their size, is the material. Stretch jeans or control leggings hug your curves in all the right places without adding bulk or overemphasizing areas. However, this strategy only works with the right top. For example, you would only wear leggings with a billowing blouse or tunic that falls below your bottom. On the other hand, fitted jeans give more support to your bottom and hips, so you can opt for any style top.

When shopping for clothes, pay close attention to neckline, waist and hips. By implementing all of these tricks into your fashion strategy, you can easily equip your wardrobe with all kinds of fit and flattery tools.

Model wearing Monroe and Main's Center Stage Tunic and Side Detail Ponte Leggings

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