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Finding cute and comfortable swimwear for your body


Whether you shop for misses or plus-size swimwear, owning a bathing suit that makes you feel confident is essential. Relaxing on the sand and taking a dip in the water are joyful parts of summertime and vacations, so don’t rely on a swimsuit that doesn’t give you the support and fashion-forward look you want. Every woman deserves to feel stunning, and the fashion industry is starting to catch on. Here are some tips for discovering the perfect swimsuit that combines style and comfort:

Consider your fashion preferences

Dressing for your body type can only go so far. Really, your attitude and the way you see yourself will give you confidence on the beach. One of the easiest ways to feel great in your swimsuit is to choose it based on fashion themes you gravitate toward in your daily life. For instance, if you like high-waisted skirts, you’ll probably like high-wasted bikini bottoms. Is your favorite flattering dress a halter? Find a swim top that features the same neckline. If you feel fabulous in a specific color, wear it when you swim.

Blue One Piece

Highlight your best features

What do you love about your body? Answering this question will not only help you pick plus-size swimwear for women, but it will also teach you to love yourself a little more. Being confident no matter what you wear starts with self-care. So go ahead, compliment yourself! Once you know what features you like, select swim styles that accent them. For instance, many women feel their décolletage is bewitching; a swimsuit with a stylish neckline can make you feel beautiful. How about a lovely back? A top with a low-cut back is sexy and flattering.

Forget trends

The thing about trending swimwear is that it’s often only flattering on certain people, not to mention it stays in style for a short time. You don’t need to follow what’s in this year to be confident in the water. Instead, focus on suits that are comfortable to wear and that you love. Instead of a low-cut bikini bottom, wear something that hugs your body. Rather than a tiny top, pick one that supports you. Having all of the right coverage in all the right places is far more valuable (both for your wallet and your self-esteem) than being “in.”

peplum one piece


Dressing for the beach is the same as dressing for other occasions, but many women overlook the styling process. Pick out accessories that match your suit, highlight your best features and make a statement. For instance, wear a flowy dress over your suit on the way to the beach, along with a fashion hat. Wide-brim hats keep the sun off your face and give you a total “Sabrina” vibe. Don’t forget shoes and jewelry, too! Of course, you’ll take them off before you go in the water, but you can picnic, lounge, travel, or whatever else, in style.

Dressing for yourself can help you feel confident during swim season. Whatever makes you feel great, whether it’s a certain cut or color, is the best swimwear for you.

Flower sunhat

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