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Lylux photo shoot: Behind the scenes

There’s not much more exciting than a photo shoot. However, there is also a lot of hard work that goes into accomplishing this task. For Monroe and Main’s Lylux Collection, the photo shoot was a whirlwind. We thought there was no better way to give our customers the full lowdown on our new collection than an inside look into our Lylux catalog shoot. We interviewed two of our very own, Stephen Eliasson (Copywriter) and Rebecca Easton (Assistant Art Director), to get all the details on that day. Here’s your behind-the-scenes look at our Lylux shoot:

We love NYC

As you might have seen in our catalog, the photo shoot took place in the lower west side of New York City. Some of our favorite settings? The middle of a busy street, on an urban rooftop and near the bridge over looking the river. The cobblestone pavement gave the setting that authentic NY feel. Eliasson noted that there were plenty of people stopping at the locations to see what was going on – we certainly know how to draw a crowd! The goal was to showcase how our clothes look on women going about their daily lives, much like our customers.


All about the models

It’s a common understanding that most models give off unrealistic expectations for how women should look, but that definitely isn’t true of the women modeling our Lylux collection. Our models exhibit women of all different sizes, shapes and colors. We wanted to represent real, everyday women, and we took that into consideration when booking models for the job. As a result, the ladies who wore the clothes looked comfortable and relaxed. They were down to earth and kind, and it truly reflects in the photographs. Our extended plus size clothing allows for real women to wear real clothes that are tailored to fit.
Lylux Behind the Scenes Photo Shoot

New line, new feel

The best part about the Lylux photo shoot is that you can really see the clothes come to life in the catalog. Although the experience of watching it from the sidelines is different, getting a behind-the-scenes glimpse makes the end product that much more exciting.

Tile Print Dress & more

“It’s the perfect combination of comfort and style – all in one,” said Easton.

We are very happy with the entire experience – including the end result – and we hope you are too!

For more BTS looks, take a peek at our exclusive video.

#Lylux tip: Our extended plus sizes allow you to be casual and fashionable at the same time.

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