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How to Master the Crochet Trend

Crochet fashion has been around since the early 1900s, but the recent resurgence of the crochet trend has left many scrambling to master it. If you’ve been having trouble finding a crochet piece that’s flattering and fashionable, Monroe and Main has you covered.

Choosing your piece

Crochet attire reflects a boho style, so your piece should give off a relaxing vibe. When choosing your garment, pick an item that you find comfortable – this could be represented with a flowy poncho or a carefree duster. However, don’t feel like you have to sacrifice fashion for comfort. Our crochet pieces offer a breathable fit with a stylish appearance.

Crochet Poncho Top
Crochet Poncho Top & Open Weave Fedora

If you’re hesitant to purchase a full crochet top, then consider finding a piece with a bit of knit detailing instead. Another option would be to add accessories that contain a bit of crochet. For example, an open-weave fedora with a crochet, braided brim would allow you to incorporate the fashion trend into your wardrobe in a subtle way.

Crochet Wedge by Monroe and Main
Crochet Wedge by Monroe and Main
woman wearing a crochet hat
Open Weave Fedora

For a happy medium between a bold crochet top and an artfully placed accessory, try these black crochet shorts. The bottoms will give your outfit a chic touch without overpowering the overall look. You’ll also love the soft cotton and polyester fabrics and the elastic waist.

Crochet Shorts
Crochet Shorts

How to wear it

Crochet creates a delicate look that’s feminine and romantic. This style can be worn for a number of occasions. For example, by itself, a crochet dress creates a boho vibe that’s laid-back and fashionable. A pair of gladiator sandals and sunglasses make you ready for drinks with friends or a trip to the beach. However, this look can easily be transformed to more formal attire. By donning a blazer or cardigan and swapping the sandals for a pair of flats or ankle boots, you instantly make the crochet dress fit a professional setting.

If you’ve been looking for a trendy duster to add to your wardrobe, Monroe and Main has you covered. Check out our crochet duster  with a fringed bottom or our crochet duster with a hood. The fringe cover comes in the color paprika – this deep red looks amazing when paired with a white top and jean shorts or capris. The hooded crochet duster is a cream color and can be worn with jeans as well or, for a more dramatic look, paisley-patterned pants.

Crochet Fringe Duster
Crochet Fringe Duster
plus-size woman wearing hooded crochet duster
Hooded Crochet Duster




















Crochet accessories are a subtle piece, but they can also be a focal point of an outfit. For example, a neutral outfit like jeans with a white shirt can be spiced up with the  open-weave fedora – this hat has an open crochet and spiral-braided brim. The intricate detail will give your outfit an interesting look and show off your personal style.

Crochet work is timeless and always a romantic way to soften any look or style. #SecretStrategy #MonroeandMain 


If you see something  you love, then use your Monroe and Main credit to order the item now and pay for it later. This way, you can get the top or covering you want before it sells out! Any crochet garment or accessory will be a welcome addition to your closet and will help you stay in touch with today’s trends. Order one of our crochet ponchos or accessories to get that boho look you’ve always wanted.

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I love the crochet look.would like to see the long skirts in crochet.Especially the white skirt.

I like the crochet styles but I wonder, if any styles will have more arm coverage? I don’t wear sleeveless or short sleeves. I don’t like to show a lot of my arms.

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