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Secret Strategy #12: The Perfect Bra Fit

Have you ever found that perfect bra fit? The fullest spot of your bust should be directly halfway between your shoulders and elbows, and if your chest is dropping below that, it’s probably time to take your measurements and check your sizing.


Let us know if this secret strategy works for you! Comment below.Ā 

Comments (6)

Hi! Yes, I already found perfect bra for me. It fits me well. As you said above, the fullest spot of my bust is directly halfway between my shoulders and elbows. And it feels so comfy. But you know? Need long enough time for me to finally find the right bra, after much learning about bra fit.

My daughter can’t find good supposed bras in her size 44N

Hi Tammie, Unfortunately we do not carry your daughter’s size. The largest we sell is a 46F. Thank you for looking to us for help. We do carry the Glamorise brand and we believe in that brand so if you wanted to contact them directly, they should be able to help. Here’s their website:

Bra’s today seem to hang low as if to be made for longer torsos. They are also made with the type of straps that limit the amount of adjustment that can be made, in order to pull them up higher. Being shorter in stature (5ft 3″) it is truly difficult to find a bra that allows the fullest part of your bust to actually lay halfway between your shoulder and elbows. Are you able to suggest a particular name brand that could help?

We will check into this for you Rita!

Hi Rita, We completely understand that bra fitting can be very challenging especially if you have a short torso. Our Lace Bra ( has the ability to adjust the strap all the way if you think that would help? We also recommend getting a professional bra fitting which may help. Good luck and thanks for the comment!

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