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Secret Strategy #19: Try Palazzo Pants

Woman in red high-low hem duster over red top and black and gray pattern trousers

Not only are they as cool and comfy as pajamas, palazzo pants can pair with most any look. Offset their fullness and define your shape with shorter tops or belts–or for overall balance and style, draw attention upwards with bright colors and accessories (such as a hat.)

Try Palazzo Pants

Let us know if this secret strategy works for you! Comment below.Ā 

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I like pants like this for when you really want to wear pants but the occasion calls for something a bit dressier or casual home entertainment.

Because the grey is kind of neutral and the night is very cold, I think I would pair it with my green turtle neck under my new chocolate shaker knit sweater. Because of the color of the pants, I would wear silver jewelry or grey pearls or like long necklace.


I have primary lymphedema which causes incredible swelling from the waist down. When I have a bad attack my calves will swell to 32in. or more & drain and I wear bandages so palazzo pants are a godsend. They fit over the swelling and bandages so no one has to know what’s going on underneath! The problem is the years when palazzos aren’t in style or available in my size 3x Tall (I’m 6’1″). The recent times were a nightmare when the only thing available for everyone was skinny leg everything! At that point maxi skirts became my best friend till I could find some palazzos again in my size and age appropriate fabric. I’m 58yrs. old so large prints I wore in the 60’s that are making a comeback aren’t appropriate! I’m looking for good old basic black or grey.

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Published on Jan 31 2015

Last Updated on Oct 05 2018

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