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Staying stylish on a budget

Keeping your wardrobe on the cutting edge of fashion can get to be pretty pricey Not only does it seem like styles change before the last item you bought even hits the clearance rack, but it seems that clothing is getting to be more expensive. However, there are plenty of ways that you can keep yourself stylish without breaking the bank – or giving that brand new wallet too much of a workout. Here are a few ways you can keep your wardrobe up to date on a budget:

Consider your income and needs

Like anything involving money – from grocery shopping to booking a vacation – you need to realize what you can afford and need ersus what you can't and don't when it comes to shopping. Some jobs with strict business dress codes may necessitate stepping it up when it comes to your fashion budget, but if your employer supplies you with a uniform, you won't need to spend as much. However, that's not saying that your wardrobe only has to be full of practical pieces. There's always room for a little splurge here and there.

Don't shop too often

Rather than spending every evening shopping online or every weekend at the mall, try to limit how much time you spend actively shopping. This way, you won't have to limit yourself as much when you find something that you really like. Give yourself the freedom to buy what really flatters your body instead of having to put something back on the rack because you spent a little too much money yesterday.

"Give yourself the freedom to buy what really flatters your body."

Don't hate knock-offs

You don't need all of the high-end designer stuff that's featured in fashion magazines. Plenty of other retailers produce similar styles that are just as high of quality for a fraction of the price because they don't have the designer name. That isn't to say that a splurge once in a while is off-limits. If you really like designer handbags, don't feel bad about purchasing a new one. Just keep the rest of your fashion budget a little more conservative. It's all about balance.

Make sure you have staples

If you're going to spend a chunk of change on your wardrobe, don't skimp when it comes to your staple pieces. A few of these include a quality winter coat, classic black pumps, perfectly fitting jeans, comfortable sneakers and plain-colored T-shirts. These staples can be mixed and matched to create dozens of outfits, so you'll want to make sure they last. You can always change up your look by buying more accessories.

Get a tailor

Trends change so quickly, but you don't want to let a favorite piece sit in your closet waiting to go back in style. Find a tailor that you know and trust who can update some of your favorite pieces for you. Those bell bottom pants that hug your curves in just the right way? Have them altered to become a pair of capris for the spring and summer. That blazer with shoulder pads that you love, but is outdated? Have your tailor modernize it a bit. 

Many store credit cards offer users exclusive coupons and sales.Many store credit cards offer users exclusive coupons and sales.

Get a credit card

Store credit cards can be lifesavers. You may not always have the disposable income that you'd like when you find an outfit you love, so this is when a credit card comes in handy. Many store cards also have perks for their users, like point systems and coupons, allowing loyal customers to save money by shopping with them. Monroe and Main's store credit card allows customers to make monthly payments as low as $20! 

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