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5 reasons you need a mermaid-style skirt in your wardrobe

Have you ever looked at your clothes and thought “I have absolutely nothing to wear”? With ever-changing seasons and trends, this feeling is pretty much universal for women. But the feeling doesn’t have to last! Sometimes, all it takes to get rid of it is to shake things up by buying something new, exciting and out of your comfort zone. If you’re in need of new plus-size skirts, there’s one popular style that could help you get rid of the nothing-to-wear mood: the mermaid skirt. Also known as “peplum hems,” mermaid-style hemlines flare out from the bottom of a pencil skirt for a look that’s as fun as it is flattering. Still a little skeptical? Here are five reasons you need a skirt with a peplum hem: woman wearing a mermaid-style skirt

1. It’s super flattering

Plus-size fashion is all about looking and feeling beautiful in what you’re wearing, and this style knocks it out of the ballpark. It has all the ingredients of a style that’s flattering on any body type: It fits around the bottom and thighs, and the flare at the hem creates beautifully balanced lower-body proportions (just like flare-leg trousers might). Skirts with peplum hems that begin right above the knees are universally flattering, so no matter what your body shape, they’re a safe bet. Longer skirts with flared bottoms can look as good – just make sure to balance them out with something fitted on top.

For an extra flattering effect around your stomach area, opt for a skirt that fits around your waist. High-waisted skirts cinch at your narrowest point, but they also conceal your tummy under structured panels that instantly slim down your midsection.

2. It’s comfortable

Like pencil skirts, mermaid styles hug your lower body closely before flaring out. What does this mean? They’re just as comfortable as they are slimming. They allow for a bit more leg movement than a traditional pencil skirt might, allowing you to walk around unencumbered. Plus, because they’re fitted at the top, you’ll avoid having to worry about a “Marilyn moment” while walking down the street – that’s a win-win in anyone’s eyes!

3. It’s different

One of the best parts about mermaid-style hems is that they provide a look that’s unique but not outlandish. Skirts in this style draw exactly the right kind of attention (just wait until you see how many compliments you receive while wearing yours). They look fashion-forward and elegant, but they have a fun twist that makes them different and exciting, which is why they’re such a great option if you’re looking to get out of the nothing-to-wear funk.

4. It’s versatile

When you think pencil skirt, your mind likely goes straight to workwear. This is true for skirts with a peplum hemline as well. However, this style can be worn for more than just a day at the office. For one thing, the skirts transition easily to a night out – just change from flats to heels and swap a blazer for a cool leather jacket, and you’ll be ready to go. They can also transition into more casual occasions, like lunches with friends.

5. You’ll feel great in it

The No. 1 reason you need a mermaid style skirt in your closet: It’ll make you feel great. Because it’s flattering, interesting and fun all at once, you’ll find yourself wearing the skirt with a lot of confidence. Whether you pair it with a simple blouse for work or something more casual for an evening out with friends or family, you’ll know you’re turning heads – and that’s a feeling that can’t be beat.


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