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Don’t forget about shapewear this fall

Shapewear has long been a go-to slimming strategy for women, and it’s proven to be a reliable option. From body briefs to waist cincher panties, our variety of shapewear is designed with your unique shape in mind. With fall quickly approaching, it may be time to restock your closet with the appropriate undergarments. Make the most of your shapewear shopping experience by keeping these ideas in mind:

Know why shapewear works

There’s a reason shapewear has been around so long. According to HerRoom, this integral fashion item stems from Ancient Greece. Women would wear functional girdles made out of linen or soft leather that would cinch in their waists and emphasize a bustier top. While shapewear has certainly evolved from the archaic mechanisms of that time, it still has the same overall goals: to slim and enhance one’s figure.

Today, shapewear is made out of a mix of structured and elastic materials to get the most of comfort and flattery. Spandex and powermesh fabrics are cut and sewn in strategic methods to shape and support your bottom, tummy area, arms and bust.

Rago Waist Control Thong

Size matters …

Contrary to popular belief, a smaller size in shapewear won’t make you look any slimmer. In fact, it creates buldges and leads to serious discomfort. For instance, squeezing into a size medium corset cincher when your measurements call for a large won’t evenly flatten your shape. Shapewear is meant to make your body more proportionate, and that’s only possible when you’re wearing the right size.

… And so does your body shape

Your body type is also an important element when selecting shapewear. Of course, other factors matter too, like the size and what outfit you’re wearing it under, but for everyday wear or to enhance your unique figure, it’s important to know your body shape, which you can determine with the help of this infographic.

Women with an hourglass shape can showcase their figures with a corset that cinches the waist and emphasizes their curves. Women with a straight up-and-down body type may prefer briefs that deliver a lift to the bottom with elevating support panels. Ladies aiming to achieve an all-over slimming look should go with a full-body brief.

Body Briefer

Dress for the season

Just as you’d choose an outfit that coordinates with fall, you need to keep the season in mind when selecting shapewear. While the look of your undergarments doesn’t need to coordinate with the season, the function does. First, ask yourself what you’ll be wearing during fall. This season, sheath dresses, sweaters and stretch jeans are taking center stage, so you’ll need to adjust your shapewear accordingly.

For example, while the sleek fit of a black and blue sheath dress is definitely a runway-ready look for fall 2015, it’s not going to keep you very warm. Use your shapewear to compensate for this factor by selecting a sheer sleeves top – an undergarment that slips comfortably under your sleeveless dresses and tank tops. The extra coverage helps you beat the fall chill, and the spandex material gives you that desired sleek shape.

Sheer Sleeves Top

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