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Woman in brown top, jeans and black heels

5 full-figured fashion dilemmas and how to solve them

No matter her size, every woman has body parts she struggles with when buying clothes. However, buying clothes as a plus-sized woman is a much different experience than it is for more petite ladies.

There are several fashion dilemmas most full-figured women have in common when trying to find clothes that fit correctly. Take a look at these five plus-sized fashion dilemmas and how you can get around them as a curvy woman:

1. Gaping button-up shirts

One of the most common complaints women with large busts have when buying clothes is that button-up blouses that otherwise fit well gape open around their chests. There are a few ways to get around this issue. One important rule to remember, no matter what piece of clothing you’re shopping for,  it’s easier for tailors to take clothes in than let them out at the seams. For this particular dilemma, try looking for button-up shirts that fit well around the shoulders and bust, then find a trusted tailor to take it in around the waist and hips for a better fit overall. You may also want to invest in some fashion tape or black and white safety pins that can keep the gap closed without drawing the eye to a bright silver pin.

A simple white button-up blouse is a must in any woman's wardrobe.

2. Too-long pants

Again, finding a trusted tailor will help with many of these fashion dilemmas. Hemming pants is quick, cheap and easy. There are also plenty of do-it-yourself hemming tutorials for ladies who are adept with a needle and thread. For slimmer pants styles, even just a few folds at the bottom of the legs can look casual and chic for running errands.

3. Jeans that don’t fit around the waist

Many women struggle to find jeans and trousers that fit well over their rear and thighs without gaping open at the waist. Find jeans that are the right size around your curves, then have your tailor take them in at the waist. You may also want to consider looking for fabric blends that include a small amount of spandex. These fabrics have much more give and elasticity, making them easier for stretching around curves while fitting smaller body parts.

Don't go for jeans that are baggy. They should fit your curves and make you look and feel slimmer.

4. Strapless bras don’t fit right

Keeping your breasts in the right position can shave several pounds of weight from your appearance and help you define a small waistline. But for many women, this means wearing bras with wide and supportive straps and a thicker band around the back. However, this makes it hard for curvy women to wear cute strapless or backless blouse and dress styles to more formal occasions. The solution here is to do some research. Many brands have strapless bras made specifically for women with large breasts that use elastic and structured material to keep the bra in place.

5. Styles that look more revealing on you

There’s nothing wrong with showing a little skin when going out in the evening, but wearing a revealing blouse at the office may not feel appropriate. There are a few solutions: First, layer camisoles under your tops to cover up some cleavage. For wrap dresses or blouses, consider stitching them together a little higher up than they naturally fit.

If you wish to show off a little of your curvy hourglass figure, consider a sheath or contouring dress style, guaranteed to accentuate your full-figured body type.

Also, look for bras that have a built-in camisole-style cover over the breasts.

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First of all…Hi
I’m so grateful I found someone that really takes interest in a woman’s body style and all. I’m 5’3 Plus size 18-20W. I have a big but big breast and my tummy seems to get bigger when I eat. LOL anyway I want to find the dress pants that are on here and order them. They are black with white stripes. I like to wear jackets, sweaters and find it difficult to match clothes. Also, I have wide feet and I tend to have difficulty in finding the perfect boot ankle length. Help
My email is

Hi Annette,
Thanks for reaching out! We’re glad you enjoy our blog 🙂
I think these are the pants you’re looking for – Our pinstripe Audrey Trouser looks great on any shape and is available in short length as well! Let us know if you need further assistance and we’ll be happy to help!

I have small breast,, big butt..but then my stomach is protruding now cause of meds i am on,,I love dressing in nice clothes but i am finding i keep looking at really big blouses so it goes over belly,,but now they make me look pregnant now at 58. Love wearing 2 1/2 heels too,,so i find wearing cowgirl boots more comfortable and a leather jacket

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