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meet blair!

about blair…

size: 12-14

hair: dark brown

eyes: brown

height: 5’11”

bra size: 38dd

waist: 37″

hips: 47″

shoe: 11 us

we asked each of our models to answer some fun questions…here is what blair had to say!

best life advice?

“live your life with no regrets! we only get one life to live, so make it one you’re proud of! don’t rush into decisions impulsively, make sure you feel good about the choices you make, and live life with a smile.”

best beauty advice?

“clear glowy skin instantly enhances your beauty, so make sure to exfoliate and moisturize regularly! from head to toe.”

what’s your favorite clothing item that you own? and why is it your favorite?

“my university of Michigan maize and blue socks. as a proud alumna, I wear them every game day, and we’ve been on a role! go blue!”

what have you learned about creating your own style?

“i’ve learned that creating your own style doesn’t mean that it has to always stay the same! one day you can be a minimalist, the next you can be a maximalist! as long as your style reflects you, it works!”

any comments on life balance?

“it’s so important to have life balance; there are so many distractions and stressors in this world, so being internally and mentally balanced gives us the tools and strength to deal with all the rest.”

what is your favorite color? favorite color to wear?

“my favorite color is blue, and my favorite color to WEAR is purple. something about a deep plum, a vibrant violet just speaks to my soul. it makes me want to fluff my hair and be outside to be seen!”

what does being a friend mean to you?

“being a friend means that you are someone who others can count on, can trust and confide in, and can laugh with. it means being there for others in the way that they need you and make their world a better place because of your presence.”

what’s your happy place?

“truly, my happy place is sitting in my apartment, watching sunday/monday/thursday night football and college game day saturday (this answer is direct from my online dating profile).”

let’s play this or that..

lipstick or eye shadow? – eye shadow, give me a subtle smokey eye any day!

organize or clean your space? – organize, I can find a way to live in organized chaos

combat boots or cowboy boots? – combat boots

body con or flowy? – in-between

pastels or brights? – pastels

roses or wildflowers? – roses

sweet or salty? – SWEET, my sweet tooth is enormous

music or podcast? – podcast, it’s pretty close, but lately I’ve really been into podcasts