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meet blair!

Black plus size model smiling wearing jean jacket and jeans

“your style is how you express yourself without using words.”

black plus size model wearing yellow and black flowy top, black leather shorts, and a yellow purse

about blair…

size: 12-14

hair: dark brown

eyes: brown

height: 5’11”

bra size: 38dd

waist: 37″

hips: 47″

shoe: 11 us

we asked each of our models to answer some fun questions…here is what blair had to say!

what comments/quotes do you have on style in general?

“your style is how you express yourself without using words.”

what do you think about the clothes you’re modeling? what are you liking about them?

“i LOVE how comfortable and easy to wear everything is. effortless style.”

any comments on body positivity/neutrality?

“your body is beautiful and deserves to be loved.”

favorite accessory/clothing item you own or want to own?

“my favorite clothing item is anything that shows off my long legs; so skirts/shorts/dresses, give me all of them lol!”

any comments on life balance?

“it’s so important to have life balance; there are so many distractions and stressors in this world, so being internally and mentally balanced gives us the tools and strength to deal with all the rest.”

what is your favorite color? favorite color to wear?

“my favorite color is blue, and my favorite color to WEAR is purple. something about a deep plum, a vibrant violet just speaks to my soul. it makes me want to fluff my hair and be outside to be seen!”

what little thing makes you happy?

“honestly, laughter makes me happy. laughter means that enjoyment is being had, and when people are enjoying themselves, i am so happy.”

any hobbies? tell us about them?

“i love to exercise and i love to write. so i usually combine the two by going for a long walk, finding a park bench and opening a notebook.”

favorite season or weather? favorite thing about it?

“my absolute FAVORITE season is FALL! the air is so crisp.”

let’s play this or that..

picnic or restaurant? – restaurant

beach or bookstore? – beach

dog or cat? – dog

reality tv or movie? – movie

plants or candles? – plants

roses or wildflowers? – roses

text or phone call? – text

styled or unstyled hair? – styled hair

swimming or paddle boarding? – swimming

chocolate or vanilla? – chocolate

rain or snow? – rain

parade or farmer’s market? – farmer’s market