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meet staci!

plus size blonde model wearing a baby blue dress and black leather boots

“I’ve realized my life balance has shifted during different stages of my life. There is nothing wrong with change and going through a variety of ebbs and flows as you change.”

plus size blonde model wearing a jean jacket, burgundy shirt, and jeans

about staci…

size: 12-14

hair: dark blonde

eyes: blue green

height: 5’9.5″

bra size: 38c

waist: 32″

hips: 45″

shoe size: 10 us

we asked each of our models to answer some fun questions…here is what staci had to say!

what comments/quotes do you have on style in general?

“I love a simple chic style, and elevating it with amazing accessories!”

what do you think about the clothes you’re modeling? what are you liking about them?

“i love the quality and fit! it feels great to wear an outfit that emphasizes my curves and allows me to move confidently.”

where would you wear them?

“the style is great for heightening your day to day look!”

any comments on body positivity/neutrality?

“the interesting thing about body positivity is realizing that everyone struggles with something. everyone picks at what they feel, seem to be “flaws”. the most powerful thing we can do is grant ourselves kindness for those things we may not like, and focus ont he things we love most; keeping positive thoughts forefront in our minds.”

favorite accessory/clothing item you own or want to own?

“i love rings and mixing metals!”

any comments on life balance?

“i’ve realized life balance has shifted during different stages of my life! there is nothing wrong with change and going through a variety of ebbs and flows as you change.”

what is your favorite color? favorite color to wear?

“ironically, i love wearing white, even though i tend to get a stain on it by the end of the evening. it’s clean, classic, and fresh.”

what little thing makes you happy?

“my husband, dog, candy, and God…”these are a few of my favorites things..””

any hobbies? tell us about them?

“working out and traveling! working out in the morning gets my day moving in a positive direction…and traveling…i mean, who doesn’t love traveling? it’s amazing to experience different cultures and be immersed into other lifestyles and history!”

do you have any pets? tell us about them!

“yes!! we have a dog named April. she is a little pit mix we adopted from the shelter, and has been such a wonderful blessing! she loves long walks, morning snuggles, and playing ball.”

favorite season or weather? favorite thing about it?

“summer! i love a cute summer dress, the happy sunshine, and pool parties!”

plus size model wearing black long sleeve dress with boots
plus size model wearing a black t-shirt with a black hat and a layered teardrop necklace.
Plus size model wearing an orange floral blouse with jeans and brown booties.
plus size model wearing a pink sweater with earrings.

let’s play this or that..

picnic or restaurant? – restaurant

beach or bookstore? – beach

dog or cat? – dog

reality tv or movie? – trash tv…i mean, reality tv

plants or candles? – plants

roses or wildflowers? – roses

text or phone call? – phone call

styled or unstyled hair? – styled hair

swimming or paddle boarding? – swimming..but i do love paddle boarding

chocolate or vanilla? – chocolate

rain or snow? – snow

parade or farmer’s market? – farmer’s market