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meet maria!

“dressing for your body type is such an amazing cheat code confidence boost. once you learn your formula, you’ll never miss a look.”

about maria…

size: 12-14

hair: brown

eyes: brown

height: 5’8″

bra size: 38

waist: 36″

hips: 49″

shoe: 8 1/2 us

we asked each of our models to answer some fun questions…here is what maria had to say!

what comments/quotes do you have on style in general?

“anyone can learn how to dress. but that doesn’t mean you have swag.”

favorite accessory/clothing item you own or want to own?

“my sneaker collection!”

any comments on life balance?

“I’m a Libra so balance is everything. everything in moderation is key to keeping your soul happy”

what is your favorite color? favorite color to wear?

“green but I wear a lot of black with hints of color from bags or my sneakers”

what little thing makes you happy?

“a nice cup of coffee while journaling.”

any hobbies? tell us about them?

“working out, traveling, shopping. I feel my best when I’m wearing new things form people and new places.”

favorite season or weather? favorite thing about it?

“fall- my outfits are just better during this season. I could wear a baggy hoodie or tight sweater dress. the options are endless!”

let’s play this or that..

picnic or restaurant? – restaurant

beach or bookstore? – beach

dog or cat? – dog

reality tv or movie? – movie

plants or candles? – plants

roses or wildflowers? – wildflowers

text or phone call? – phone call

styled or unstyled hair? – unstyled hair

swimming or paddle boarding? – swimming

chocolate or vanilla? – chocolate

rain or snow? – rain

parade or farmer’s market? – farmer’s market