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meet chelsea!

about chelsea…

size: 12

hair: blonde

eyes: green

height: 5’8″

bra size: 36D

waist: 32″

hips: 41″

shoe: 10 us

we asked each of our models to answer some fun questions…here is what chelsea had to say!

what comments/quotes do you have on style in general?

“style is like a fingerprint- its uniquely you. your style is your personal narrative told through fabric and accessories. like coco Chanel said “fashion fades, only style remains the same.”

what do you think about the clothes you’re modeling? what do you like about them? where would you wear them?

“in my modeling career I’ve had to wear quite the variety of clothing and accessories. I enjoy the everyday clothing as well as the editorials high fashion clothing. I enjoy seeing how the stylists put together a look and then I express myself through their visions. depending on the clothing I could wear them on a day-to-day basis, or at an event/red carpet.”

comments/quotes on body positivity/neutrality?

“there is beauty in every shape, size, and color. love the skin you’re in. your body is your constant companion, and it deserves appreciation for all it does for you. let it be a vessel for your experiences, not a source of judgement!”

favorite accessory/clothing item you own or want to own?

“I love athleisure fashion. my favorite items I have are my designer shoes and bags. I also really enjoy layering with funky and color jackets/coats.”

comments on life balance?

“it’s important to allocate time to different parts of your life, whether its work, relationships, self-care, or favorite hobbies. it’s not about having equal portions everyday but ensuring that over time you’ve got a well-rounded satisfying mix.”

favorite color? favorite color to wear?

“my favorite color is yellow. favorite color to wear is black since it goes with everything.”

what little thing makes you happy?

” sunshine, flowers, my feet in the sand at the ocean, my dogs, and sushi”

hobbies? please tell us about them

“I love cooking and baking. traveling to experience new cultures. I’m very athletic and enjoy outdoor sports like softball swimming, and skiing.”

let’s play this or that..

picnic or restaurant? – restaurant

beach or bookstore? – beach

dog or cat? – dog

reality tv or movie? – movie

plants or candles? – plants

roses or wildflowers? – wildflowers

text or phone call? – phone call

styled or unstyled hair? – styled

swimming or paddle boarding? – swimming

chocolate or vanilla? – chocolate

rain or snow? – snow

parade or farmer’s market? – farmer’s market