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Body-slimming strategies

Woman in black ruched top, black striped skirt and black heels

There’s nothing quite like the excitement of wearing a new outfit.

The best part is knowing you look great while flaunting your unique style. One way to achieve this confidence is to wear clothes that really flatter your body. By incorporating the right patterns and accessories, you can do just that. Feel good in your clothes this summer by picking pieces that give you a slimming look.

Choosing the right colors and patterns

Style expert Bridgette Raes encourages women to think about colors and patterns as optical illusions to create body balance. Lines in clothing can greatly affect how slimming a piece of clothing looks. Whether vertical lines appear as creases in pants or stripes on a dress, they will make you look thinner, no matter what type of clothing you’re wearing. The closer together those vertical lines are, the slimmer you’ll look, too.

Horizontal lines can do the same trick when used the right way. If they are put at the widest part of your body, then they will draw attention to that area. On the other hand, horizontal lines placed at the thinnest part of you will create a slimming look. Just make sure the horizontal lines aren’t sectioning off your body.

Learn what colors make you look slimmer!

A striped skirt that contains body-slimming strategies

Using accessories as tools

From belts to handbags, you can think of accessories as tools to make you look slimmer. Take a clutch purse, for example. The Knot suggests attracting attention away from problem areas by using an oversized clutch. Tuck it under your arm to draw people’s eyes up, and hang it off the shoulder below the waist to pull the attention to your lower body.

Circular shapes can make you look rounder, so with any accessory, try to go for a linear look. Avoid round sunglasses or hoop earrings. Instead, use a dangling pair of earrings to thin out your face. The same idea applies to necklaces. Wear jewelry that drops down low as a simple way to elongate your body.

Floral Kimono tunic

Shoes are another easy accessory that can create a slimmer appearance. Tall heels will make your legs appear long and lean. However, stilettos aren’t always practical when you’re on your feet all day. If heels don’t fit your lifestyle, consider a pointed-toe flats. The sharp angle of the shoes will flatter your body better than footwear with curves.

Just as placing lines at the thinnest part of your body will enhance the overall slimming look, placing a belt right at the cinch of your waist can achieve the same goal. Worried about drawing attention to your stomach? A thicker belt will help hide your tummy while still accentuating your natural waist.

Audrey Dot Dress

Wearing strategic shapewear

Monroe and Main offers plenty of options for slimming and toning a body including girdles and body suits, among other shapewear. You’ll also want to check out the guide to finding the right shapewear for your body type. These garments are comfortable, tighten your body and are virtually undetectable under your clothing. No matter what style you’re going for, these tools can help your wardrobe look chic and figure flattering.

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Published on Jul 18 2015

Last Updated on Nov 22 2021

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