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meet melissa!

about melissa…

size: 14-16

hair: brown

eyes: brown

height: 5’10”

bra size: 38D

waist: 37″

hips: 49″

shoe: 10 us

we asked each of our models to answer some fun questions…here is what melissa had to say!

what comments/quotes do you have on style in general?

“mostly casual- love jeans and tees.”

favorite accessory/clothing item you own or want to own?

“my new fall blazer!”

any comments on life balance?

“I’m such a hard worker and love to stay busy… so I have to remind myself to slow down sometimes and vacation.”

what is your favorite color? favorite color to wear?

“I love all shades of purple and orange! but tend to dress in neutrals.”

what little thing makes you happy?

“my doggo and hubby. coffee in the morning. being around good people!.”

do you have pets? please tell us about them!

” cash the cocker spaniel is a rescue. he has a blue and brown eye and a big underbite.”

let’s play this or that..

picnic or restaurant? – both

beach or bookstore? – beach

dog or cat? – dog

reality tv or movie? – both

plants or candles? – candles

roses or wildflowers? – wildflowers

chocolate or vanilla? – chocolate