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How to wear boots in summer

White Dingo Slouch Cowgirl Boot

While boots certainly keep your feet warm during the chilly months, that doesn’t mean you need to pack them away when storing your winter clothes. You can still don this fun footwear even when it’s hot out with the right style tips. Discover how you can turn cold-weather footwear into summer boots:

Country chic summer boots

Got a perfect pair of cowgirl boots that you just can’t bear to stow away for summer? This solution is for you! Pair cowgirl boots with a flirty sundress to ignite your country-girl spirit, even if you don’t live out west. This look works with both ankle and taller boots, but the rodeo style is a must-have to complete this shabby chic vibe. If you really want to kick this ensemble up a notch, pair it with a cowboy or sun hat.

cowboy boots in summer

Summer boots for chilly nights

There’s really no arguing that boots lock in the heat on your feet more than strappy sandals, but that’s not always a bad thing during the summer. When the sun sets, the temperature can drop dramatically, leaving your dare-to-bare ensemble less than adequate for keeping you warm. For those cool nights by the fire, wear a pair of summer boots with jeans and a cardigan or shrug. Unless you’re tucking the pants into the boot, opt for footwear that fits close to your calves. Otherwise, the wider styles could create bulk under your jeans that may widen your frame.

Relaxed style

The flowy nature of maxi skirts and dresses provide you with the perfect opportunity to don a pair of fun summer boots. Since your ankles will be hidden beneath the long length of these bottoms, you can go with any style boot, regardless of how high it stretches up your calf. As far as color goes, you can contrast vibrant hues with a solid black boot that will give your style edgy appeal. Or, you can pair any pattern dress or skirt with neutral shades on your feet such as brown and bronze.

How to wear boots in summer

Breezy pants

For more coverage during daylight hours, you can still beat the heat by wearing summer boots with a breezy pant style. Choose bottoms with lightweight materials for this ensemble, and save the jeans for cooler nights. As with skirts and dresses, non-jean pants can host a variety of patterns and colors. Therefore, you’re better off completing the look with neutral boots.

Don’t pack away those “winter” fashion boots just yet. Embrace your summer style by incorporating this year-round footwear into your wardrobe.


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Published on Aug 01 2015

Last Updated on Sep 02 2015

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