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A season of wedges: Heels for every occasion

Ladies, freshen up those toes with your favorite polish because it’s time for this season’s favorite footwear: wedge sandals. What makes these shoes so great is that they are much easier to walk in than a pair of stilettos, but they still add height. And let’s not forget, they are more comfortable, too! Although wedge heels have a cosmopolitan look, they won’t complement every outfit. Like any style shoe, they have their pros and cons.

uttin' on the glitz! This dazzling sandal has a multitude of beads. Faceted beads with rope edging 1 3/4" heel Synthetic Available only in Bronze
Rope Trim Stone Wedge by Classique from Monroe and Main

Here’s how to rock wedges the right way:

Wide or flared pants

Pair your platform wedges with wide or flared jeans – wide leg palazzo pants work, too. Your jeans will exude a casual aesthetic while the wedges dress your look up a bit. Be sure your jeans aren’t too short, or you will look like you’re preparing for a flood. For a shabby-chic look, choose a hemline that lightly grazes the floor. Try your best to avoid skinny jeans unless they’re cropped or cuffed at the ankles. A pair of cropped white jeans with colorful wedges is a great spring look for a day at the office. Bohemian-style pants made from thin, gauzy fabrics are also flattering with a pair of wedges. Since these pants are rather loose, keep it tight on top to balance out your look.

On the Right Track Pant from Monroe and Main
On the Right Track Pant from Monroe and Main

Maxi dress

If you’re short or have thin calves, it’s best to pair your stylish wedges with a maxi dress. The wedge can give you some height, so this is the perfect shoe to wear if you don’t want your maxi dress dragging on the floor – a minor downfall of being on the shorter side. Additionally, the chunkiness of the wedge will make your ankles and calves appear even slimmer. Slip on a maxi dress to cover up your legs if you’re feeling self-conscious, then throw on a jean jacket to complete your look.


If you have thicker ankles, you can get away with wearing pretty much anything on your bottom half because wedges will make them appear slimmer. However, avoid skintight pieces, like a pencil skirt. Wedges are chunky, and a formfitting bottom – be it a skirt or skinny jeans – won’t help boast your silhouette. Full skirts with a lot of flow and a fitted camisole will flatter your shape. Put on a jean jacket, and you’re ready to hit the boardwalk. Hi-low skirts are another great option to wear with wedges. The skirt’s uneven hemline allows the shoes to peek out and shine.

Soft, 3-paneled skirt with a fishtail hem creates graceful shape and flare. Elastic waist; 37" l. Cotton; machine wash. Imported. Available only in Blue/White.
Ella Striped Skirt


While the wedge sandal is already pretty casual as it is, you can further dress it down by pairing it with shorts – jean, cotton, satin, patterned, tailored – and still pull off a chic look. For a night of laughs and drinking wine with your best girlfriends, wear a pair of high-wasted shorts with a white button-down shirt, (tucked in, of course) and cinch your waist with a black leather belt. Slip on those wedges, and you’re ready to rock. You’ll be the best-dressed lady in the group!

To kick this look up a notch and dress it up for a night out, just change your bottoms. A pair of satin shorts with a floral pattern is the perfect date-night outfit. Keep that white blouse tucked in, throw a tailored blazer over your shoulders and you’ve got the look. If you’re aiming for an edgier vibe, swap the blazer out for a leather jacket. Additionally, wearing shorts with wedges is a great way to show off those muscular calves of yours!

Control Mesh 5-Pocket Twill Capri from Monroe and Main
Control Mesh 5-Pocket Twill Capri from Monroe and Main

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